Flip That Bike-Fila Torino:SOLD!

I wanted to post an update on my recent flipped bike. The Fila Torino sold this afternoon for a cool $150! I had originally posted it for $175 but after one week, I didn’t sell it and decided to relist it at $150. Sure enough, after one day being listed, the bike sold.

The funny thing was, the guy that I sold it to said he’d take it without even riding it. I still felt compelled to give him my sales pitch so I did and I encouraged him to at least test ride the bike.

Now that transaction is over, I have two more bikes to flip! I’ll keep you all posted since these bikes will take more work than I had originally anticipated.


  1. Donald

    That’s a pretty bike… =)

  2. Brandon

    I remember reading this post a little bit ago and I’m pretty surprised it didn’t sell so quickly. I work in the Fullerton area, so I’ll be looking forward to your next pieces.

  3. Pardes

    That IS a nice looking bike!

    How about building a bad weather commuter for me and shipping it to Delaware??????

  4. Ghost Rider

    Dude, you’re turning into “The Squirrel Guy” !

  5. db

    Wow, that buyer got a bargain. Like I said in the previous post about this bike, that’s a great build.

    Nice story about the Squirrel Guy, too.


  6. Sern

    Hey man, to my defense, I was wearing a suite and didn’t want to get grease on my pants. The bike’s been great though. Just put some new tires on today. Thinking about cutting a drop handlebar and making bullhorn.

    Taking a page out of your book RL:

    Hopefully, I can get it done before our ride down to San Onofre.

  7. RL

    Hey Sern,

    Glad to here the bike is working out for you. I’m guessing you found the article by Googling Fila Torino.

    One thing, the bull horn convert may not work with the brake/shifters. They have a smaller diameter, I think 25.4 and the road bar has a wider one at 26.0. If you wanted added comfort, you may want to consider some bar ends.

    Let me know how your trip goes!

  8. Ghost Rider

    Ixnay on the bullhorn conversion. That 0.6mm is a huge deal, unless you want to hog out the inner clamp faces of the brake levers/shifter pods with a cutter or file.

  9. cesar

    i recently bought a fila bike myself but its a track bike and im trying to find out how much its worth… but i cant find any info on it

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