Xtracycle: It’s Simply Awesome

You may have noticed we’re big fans of Xtracycle at BikeCommuters.com. Well, we are…but it’s not because we’re getting anything out of it. We just love their products so much that we feel compelled to tell everyone about it. Out of the BikeCommuters crew, I was the first one to get an Xtra and for years I’ve told Moe how much I love this thing. Wait a minute, I think Russ Roca might have been riding his Xtracycle before I have since he was using it for his photography business. But anyhow, my family absolutely loves my Xtracycle. My youngest daughter looks forward to getting a ride to school on her personal bike limo. She loves the attention she gets from her classmates as well as other kids in the school when they see her roll up in style.

Priscilla and I really dig the Xtracycle just for its practicality. Whenever we do any type of family picnic or bike ride, I’ll load up the bike with all of our stuff and haul it to our destination. We use this thing all the time to do groceries, errands and to pick up the kids from school. But one of the more fun things we’ve done with the Xtracycle was doing a bit of surfing with it.

Obviously I’m too heavy to try and surf, but Priscilla gave it a go and she was a natural at it.
xtracycle surfing
So all in all, I’m basically saying that you should get an Xtracycle right away. You won’t regret it; actually I’ve NEVER met anyone that regretted buying their Xtracycle…

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