Flip That Bike! PUCH Road Bike

On this installment of Flip That Bike, I acquired a gem of a find, its a PUCH road bike. I honestly haven’t gone through to check the model name since I picked it up this afternoon during my lunch break.

I do know this, it has a Campy headset, Dura Ace front Der, Shimano 600 (Ultegra in essence) crankset, I think its an Exage rear der.

Check out the droputs…its stamped with something…

I don’t want to say what I paid for this bike yet, but basically it was great deal since it already has NEW tires, NEW cables and housing…brake and der and it was already tuned up. I could sell it as is and make a good profit. But I considered converting it to a Flat Bar road bike since it has those goofy cut off bars. I would imagine the flat bars would help in the resale value. Or I could just get another set of drop bars for another $20 and tack that on to the final sale price.

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