Interbike 2008: Bianchi’s Steel line

Some of you may know that Jack and I are big Bianchi fans. Jack sent me on a mission to find out about their line of steel bikes, we couldn’t talk to any representative, but here’s a gallery of their steel models:


  1. Ghost Rider

    Awesome…thanks, Moe! I hope you guys get a chance to talk to a Bianchi USA rep, for no other reason than to thank them for me for making some steel beauties and also for using their retro decal set. Those bikes are beautiful!!!

  2. Iron_Man

    I’m gonna fry my keyboard if I keep drooling like this.

  3. db

    Yep, nothing like that Italian steel.

    Have they always had red and blue? I think of mostly Celeste and black when I think of Bianchi. They all look great, though.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Bianchi has had blue decals or accents for nearly the entire life of the brand…it’s a really dark blue, so it looks black in most photos. All the pantographed parts and “B” stampings in the frame/fork were filled with dark blue paint, too.

    Red is something of an anomaly, though…those “retro” decals pictured above hearken back to the 1950s, like this bike: (photos aren’t working on that site). And, of course, the Barloworld Bianchis from the 2008 Tour de France had red accents.

  5. Iron Man

    Molto Bello! I really like those chrome lugs. Total bike porn.

  6. maddy

    I was drooling too, until I hopped onto the Bianchi website and looked at the prices! The Brava retails for over 1000 dollars. My friend bought one last year that retailed at $799. Furthermore, I bought my San Jose for $599 two years ago, and it is now $850 for the exact same bike.
    I would pick up the much nicer spec’d Salsa Casseroll for less money now! Those Bianchis are pretty, but absolutely not worth the price hike.

  7. Palm Beach Bike Tours

    I picked up a steel 2001 Bianchi Talladega in May of this year when my Uncle upgraded to a Trek 5.5 Madone.

    We rode the Memphis MS-150 a couple weekends ago. While he loves the Madone, he gave the Bianchi several longing looks (and missed its triple chain ring on a couple hills). The Madone rides nice, he said, but there is something really special about the steel Bianchi. The Trek is utilitarian light and fast. The Bianchi is crisp and elegant.

    If the Madone is a growling Ford Mustang, the Bianchi is a purring Alfa Romeo Spider.

    I rode ten years on an aluminum Trek 7300. Now I’m riding steel. In 2018, I just might be ready for a carbon bike.


  8. Ghost Rider

    Matt…excellent analogy. When my coworkers ask me why I have so many bikes, I tried to explain it with the “weekend sportscar” analogy. I described my Bianchi as “the Ferrari at home”.

  9. Elliott

    Love the Celeste, stainless steel lug, full Campy build. Looks awesome!

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