Interbike 2008: KHS New urban bikes

Here’s a preview of a couple new bikes that KHS Bicycles will releasing for 2009:

A new touring bike!

The KHS Urban Uno:

We will be interviewing our friend Vince Calvillo, he will be giving us more information on these bikes. Stay tuned for our upcoming video interview.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Looking forward to hearing about both models…especially that tourer — that looks like a great machine!

  2. Cervantes

    Is there a relationship between KHS & Torelli?

    The KHS Urban Uno looks much like the Torelli Tipo Uno ( with the bullhorn bars)

  3. Ghost Rider

    Totally different bike…the Urban Uno has a “compact geometry” frame and different components. It is stylistically similar (color and accents), but so are many bikes on the market these days…it’s just a classic look.

  4. db

    Always glad to see more touring bikes.

  5. Elizabeth

    sign me up for one!

  6. wannaCmore

    I’m a little confused. Moe said that these were new ’08 KHS models, right? Then why is it that it seems like every other manufacturer is promoting their ’09’s?

    Other than that, more info on that tourer and any updates on the Urban X/Xpress would be nice.

  7. Ghost Rider

    It might just be a typo.

  8. Moe (Post author)

    My bad… got too excited

  9. mike

    urban commuters with racks and fenders!

  10. MattG

    I know that I’m new around here, but I feel magnetically compelled to say that I am in love with that Uno. If only I wasn’t already married….

  11. FauxPorteur

    Whoever installed/spec’d those fenders, should be fired. Yuck. Fenders should be equal distance from the tire at all points. I’m glad that neither of these bikes have the KHS “signature” wet-noodle seat-stays. Also glad to see another smart company that realizes bar-end shifters are WAY smarter than any type of brifters on a touring bike (or any bike for that matter).

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