Interbike 2008: Xtracycle

The folks from Xtracycle showcased their new ‘Radish’ along with some new accessories:

Xtracycle Radish

Here’s my favorite, a pad that installs over the wooden board:

Concerned about your Xtracycle’s frame ‘walking away’? Check out the new Whatchamacollars:

Not only do these little doodads keep your Xtracycle safe from thieves, they also help your frame from getting damaged by water!

Here’s another interesting concept:

A Dahon breakaway bicycle with a Freeradical kit!!! Check out the Ortlieb panniers attached to the freeradical.

I was a little surprised to hear that some ‘Industry’ people have never heard of Xtracycle, we sent a few people to their booth so they can go and check it out. As you all know, we are fans of Xtracycle and with their ‘Open Source’ thinking, we hope to see more stuff soon. Maybe some accessories???


  1. Tacticus

    OOH that dahon is a damn shiny idea

  2. db

    Wow, thanks for posting so many photos in the last few days. It’s great to see what’s coming out in the future.

  3. jb

    How do the whatchamacollars work? I just don’t get it. Can you explain how it protects the frame and also how it keeps the x from being stolen?

  4. Ghost Rider

    jb, the whatchamacollars are dual clamps with allen bolts. They fit over the interface between V-rack and Freeradical frame sockets and tighten down. There are O rings inside them to keep out the water. They clamp tight enough to prevent casual theft, but anyone equipped with an Allen wrench obviously could defeat them.

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