Interbike 2008: My thoughts and experiences I

As you have seen, we took hundreds of pictures, hours of video (more to come) and talked to dozens of people. This year we didn’t do a lot of posting during the show, we figure we do the meet and greet the first two days and roam on our own on the last day. Here are some of the stuff that I came across:

There were e-bikes galore, but the interesting thing was that most of the bikes I saw had the same electric kit. The bike below has the batteries inside the motor-hub, but when I tried to pick it up it was extremely heavy.

I asked a few people what they thought of the ‘electric evolution’, most of them agreed that e-bikes have their place in the bike market, but they will definitely not rule the world.

White is the new black. We saw white bikes galore, white handlebars, grips, saddles, etc. We were schooled by Mr. Wayne D. from KHS bicycles regarding which colors sell most. He told us that the safest bike colors to sell are black, blue and red. He also told us that Orange is the color to stay away from. (Sorry Russ).

Since we are ‘working media’, we were allowed to attend Lance Armstrong’s press conference. This was a treat for me since I am a fan (don’t hate me LeMond fans), the press conference became really interesting with LeMond being there.

More thoughts and experiences later on.