Interbike video 2008: KHS bicycles

Last week I posted a preview of the KHS Urban Uno and the KHS TR-101. We now bring you Vince Calvillo giving us the skinny on these two new entries. We are also introducing ‘Big Country’, he’ll show us a bike that may bring some memories back.

The rest of the Urban line up didn’t change much. Most of the bikes come in new colors and the KHS Urban X gets an adjustable stem.


  1. Tim Grahl

    Still pretty unimpressed with the KHS lineup. Seems like they like to wait around see what sells and then throw together there own version of it.

    A singlespeed with a flip-flop hub? Everybody had these in 06 and 07 and their just now releasing their own “cool” version of it?

    And the touring bike is pretty run of the mill as well… I’d take the new Raleigh Clubman over it easy as a commuter/touring setup.

  2. Russ Roca

    The touring model looks interesting…glad they went bar-end instead of brifters (my personal preference)….nice that the rack and fenders are included (don’t think the stock 520 comes with fenders)….

    The Surly LHT is one of the hottest touring/commuting bikes in town (I know about a half dozen people that own one), so it will be interesting to see the final spec/price sheet to see how they match up…

    The Raleigh Clubman is more retro-roadie than tourer (double, no mid-fork eyelets, caliper brakes, short chain stays)…

    Now the Raleigh Sojourn is a nice looking tourer and not bad for the price (if you can find it in stores)….classy too with leather trim and fenders…

    For me, it’s nice to see bike companies offering proper touring bikes (it’s making a comeback!)…not every one of them is going to be as posh as a tricked out Riv. Atlantis, but atleast there are a few to choose from…

    When I got interested in touring a few years ago, the only game in town was the Trek 520 (it was the only one bike stores around here carried…and it was the only “touring” bike most shop employees were familiar with)….when I mentioned the word “touring” most shop owners would give me the blank stare and shrug their shoulders…I guess that’s par for course in Los Angeles though….

    Anyway, the LHT was a gift from bicycle heaven! Finally, a proper tourer that felt like it was designed by someone that toured and not just a roadie that bolted crap to their bike…

    Anyway, glad to see a touring bike being offered. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s better than only having Lipton to choose from…

    Too bad it’s not in orange…it would be SOO much cooler πŸ™‚

  3. Tim Grahl

    Hmmmm, my domain is Wonder how it got changed…

  4. Jack "Ghost Rider" Sweeney


    Tim, I’m going to have to disagree with you about the Clubman…it’s a great bike and I’m sure it’s comfortable for the long haul, but it is NOT a touring bike. I mean, come on, a compact double has no business on a touring bike, which is only one of several features that keep the Clubman from qualifying.

    A more accurate comparison to the new KHS tourer would be the aforementioned LHT or Trek 520. All three of these bikes were designed for unsupported, full-load tours — front and rear rack mounts and all the other “necessities” we’ve come to expect from a loaded touring bike.

    KHS may not be first on the block with the hottest, newest, coolest bikes, but in their lag time they develop some really solid performers. Frankly, I’d rather wait an extra year to get a bike that is a perfect model for whichever cycling discipline we’re talking about, rather than settling for a ” good enough for now” ride. And I’m not just saying that because KHS helps support our site — hell, I straight-up BOUGHT a bike from them because it suited my needs.

  5. Tim Grahl

    Ghost Rider: Right, I agree the Clubman isn’t a touring bike… but we are on a commuter site and a lot of people look to a touring bike as a good commuter. I was saying from a stand point of a commuter… the KHS version doesn’t do much for me.

  6. Moe

    I don’t recall touting the TR-101 as a commuter bike… In case you haven’t noticed, this site is not just about bike commuting, we also focus on the use of a bike for utilitarian purposes and Russ Roca’s ‘long commute’ (touring) adventures is something our readers enjoy.

    The debate of which bike is the perfect commuter bike will go on… everyone has their own preferences and likes. If you don’t like KHS’ TR-101 as a commuter, you may be interested in reading up on their urban line up such as the Urban X, Urban Xtreme, Urban Xpress, Urban Xcel and the Green. And if in case you like fixies, you can also check out the very popular Flite 100 and the new Urban Uno.

  7. Ghost Rider

    Well, Tim, you mentioned touring, so I thought we were talking about touring…. πŸ˜‰

    As a commuter bike, though, you must be really picky — the TR-101 has got everything many of our respective readers clamor for: full-coverage fenders, lights, wide-range gearing and a rear rack. I think this baby would be a dashing choice for touring OR commuting.

    Anyone got some cash to lend me?

  8. Tim Grahl

    Allright Moe relax, my issue was merely that KHS waits around and let’s other people take the risks and then, after the fact, releases their own version of it. They did it with the 29er and they did it with commuter bikes to.

    Not that it’s necessarily wrong, just funny to watch.

  9. Moe

    Think about it… from a financial point of view makes total sense. Wouldn’t you make bikes that you know they are going to sell for sure?

    By the way, has anyone seen the Raleigh full suspension 29er???

  10. Tim Grahl

    Well this is getting philosophical now, but it depends on why you are running a business. I like to see companies like Gary Fisher, Masi, Swobo, etc who are pushing the envelope, trying new things and making bikes they are passionate about as opposed to merely looking at a market and deciding what I can turn a quick buck on. Sure companies like the above are in it for the money, but they are also making things they believe in and get excited about instead of just me-to stuff.

    And sure KHS isn’t the only company doing this. The Interbike floor was covered with this. I just got a kick out of them making a big deal about their new sweet SS, flip-flop commuter bike when that was maybe something to get excited about well over a year ago.

    btw, is there a reason you keep changing the domain of my comments to point back to your own site?

  11. RL Policar

    I just thought it was funny Moe was drinking his beer in the background…

  12. Vince Rodarte - KHS M.I.C.

    I seem to like the results of A nice BIG KHS logo jumps out at readers! Sweet!


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