Interbike 2008: Lance Armstrong Press Conference Highlights

I’m sure there’s tons of video of the Lance Armstrong Press Conference, but I finally was able to cut and edit the 30+minute video and high light the Greg LeMond fiasco and Lance talking about bike commuting.


  1. Crazy Commuting Cyclist

    Is Greg just that bitter? Because of the quality of audio on Greg you can’t make out what he is exactly saying, so you use Lance’s reactions to guide you. By Lance’s reaction I guess it was good that he did not have a gun, or we would have had a diffrent type of press confrence.
    To your best ablility could you explain what was the problem with Greg?

  2. Moe

    Like you said , Greg is bitter. He challenged Lance to take a VO2 Max test at the show to compare with his previous values. Greg was insinuating that this will confirm that Lance was doing something funny since VO2 Max values should not change with training nor age.

  3. Darrren

    I just searched VO2 Max on google, and after scanning the first four or so pages it looks like VO2 Max can change with training. Some people it changes a lot, some people not so much, some people not at all. At least one page says that age can lower your VO2 Max. So how would that prove anything?
    The test are strenuous (max out the aerobic system), and at least one page said they can be dangerous. Which would probably rule them out being done during a race. Maybe he was talking about a different protocol or test that doesn’t match the VO2 Max I just was reading about.

  4. Crazy Commuting Cyclist

    Well after seeing the last photo of Greg, I would bet that he would not last too long on a VO2(max) test. I heard someone say(who races bikes) “we will soon see if Lance doped or not once he gets out in the races.” I am not sure how but I will take their word for it for now.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Sure the VO2 max can change as a person ages or gets into and out of shape. There are plenty of genetic factors, too. Basically, this wouldn’t have proven anything…Greg just appears bitter because Lance became the U.S. poster boy for doing something really amazing and taking all focus away from LeMond (“Greg Who?” is a common question in the U.S. when talking about the Tour).

  6. Iron Man

    Best line was “I feel like there should be a fourth chair up here.” Gosh that was painful to watch. I really respect LeMond’s racing days, but his post racing days have been hard to watch at times. When does a guy realize he’s not a great crusader after all?

  7. Ghost Rider

    I never liked LeMond…he was always so smug even at the height of his career. Or maybe he just interviewed poorly. He came off as if he was quite full of himself.

    Folks can say what they want about Lance Armstrong — the women, the questionable trappings of celebrity, the water bill at his palace, the doping allegations…but he generally comes off as a regular guy and Lord know he’s brought a TON of focus and support to fighting cancer. Even during this incredibly uncomfortable press conference, he reacted with a touch of humor and didn’t blow up (like others might have). Thumbs up, Lance!

  8. crazy commuting cyclist

    Agreed. Lance does come off as a regular guy and he really did well marketing himself; durring, after, and reentry to his bike career. This maybe pointless but I hope Greg wakes up and sees that his life is not really all that bad..Well one could hope…Right?

  9. CJ

    Like Mo said, I think what Greg is getting at is that with normal mathmatical curves in consideration if Lance would have completed a VO2 max test at interbike that his numbers would have shown irregular, even given his present fitness level and the fitness level he was at during his highest ever recording.

    I am not supporting what Greg is insinuating here…I just want to make that clear. But, I do think that comparing multiple VO2 tests from athletes could be an interesting insight into thier training and or doping. Ofcourse, the athlete’s personal trainers are already doing this very thing. Trainers are very smart individuals that have many years of didactic education and life experience.

    The only people in peloton that will ever truly know whether they doped or not is each individual athlete that has competed. I think that there are always going to be gifted athletes that push the boundries of human limitations. But there are ton of cheaters that push those boundries using sports enhancing drugs. I guess it is up to each individual FAN to decide for themselves just how much they feel that they are being cheated by the dopers.

    Peace out

  10. Speeder

    I think what Mr. Lemond was getting at is, he could take Lance’s VO2 max power output after the ramp test…

    During the races they could measure Lance’s peak sustained power outputs for various durations of time.

    And the results would show a huge unexplained gain in performance.

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