Interbike 2008: Monkeylectric

We caught up with the guys from Monkeylectric at Interbike, they were showing off their new m464q – Pro wheel light:

The were also showing off their new led strips that you can attach to your bike’s frame:

Christmas is around the corner, so start thinking about getting some festive lights for your bike(Do I smell a contest???)


  1. Iron Man

    WOW. Anyone report of drivers causing accidents because they were so captivated by the light show? I’ve been to Pink Floyd concerts that were less thrilling. That was hyperbole of course. Floyd rules. I love the US flag pattern. No redneck will run down Old Glory.

  2. Ghost Rider

    That pro model is BADASS!

  3. Bob

    Oh yeah, some bling for my bike. Ad some “Down Low Glow” from Rock the Bike along with those wheels and you may be mistaken for a low flying UFO.

  4. MattG

    Some folks look at me like I’m from another planet right now! I can’t imagine the looks I’d get with those lights!

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