Interbike 2008: Outlaw Earth Bags

We met up with a new bag company, Outlaw Earth. They have some cool, trendy and functional bags in all sorts of colors and flavors.

For your gun lovers, Jack…

Their company is so new that the website is still under construction. But you can contact them,


  1. Ghost Rider

    Virginia represent!

    I like ’em…they’re very Chrome-like in their design (but somehow even cooler)…and I hear that the maker’s brother is one of the founders of Chrome.

    What did the strap look like? Good design?

  2. Ghost Rider

    I don’t know how I missed that…but I totally want one of those derringer t-shirts!

  3. Jimmie Proof

    That Derringer Tee is way cool and the bags come in sizes for everyone. I wonder if I can get one in Granny Smith Green with Pumpkin reflective stripes. That would be hot!

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