Interbike 2008: Kidz Tandem

Russ’ post about Larry Vs Harry reminded me of a rather unique bike that I saw at Interbike:

Kidz Tandem

Cool thing about this bike is that it is a cargo bike AND a “reverse” tandem. Your boy/girl will ride in the front (steering is optional) and the adult will ride in the back. Need to go for a grocery run? simply pull out the saddle and handlebars and install the cargo basket. The entire process takes about 2 minutes! I was not able to take more pictures since I was running out of batteries, but you can get more info at


  1. Shek

    that is cool. Multiple use…clever. It will definitely get more people to get out there on their bikes with their families.

  2. locus

    $2 Grand?

    For that kind of change, you could get yourself a true longtail cargo bike (Xtracycle Radish), and still be able to outfit it with a kidseat and the optional blender.

    I’d take a Surly BigDummy over that monstrosity any day.

  3. DaveW

    Brilliant. I want one. Hey locus, the purpose of this bike is to engage your child as a rider of the bike and NOT just a passenger. Now who is the big dummy? My kids aren’t cargo.

  4. Chris Brown

    Brilliant design and it works great!!! I need two of them.

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