Interbike 2008: Kona Ute

Although we were not able to find out why Kona chose not to go the Xtracycle compatible route, we had the chance to talk to the designer of the Dew bikes. On the video, ‘Dr. Dew’ talks about what is new for the ’09 Ute:


  1. tdp

    When you say “Kona chose not to go the Xtracycle compatible route” does that mean that Kona bikes will not accept the Xtracycle Freeradical kit?

    I’ve been getting my Kona Lana’i ready for a Freeradical and would be crushed if it won’t work with my bike.

  2. RL


    All that means if you owned a UTE, the Freeradical “bags” will not fit into the rack system the UTE has.

    Your Kona Lanai will still be compatible with the Freeradical kit you are going to be purchasing from Xtracycle.

  3. tdp

    Whew! What a relief, I thought I had really effed up!


  4. wannaCmore

    @tdp- You might contact the folks at Xtracycle and see if your bike is a viable donor. Not all bikes are good candidates…

  5. DaCuzz

    The Ute’s a rad utility machine. Totally revamped for 09 with front disc brakes, bigger bags, cork grips, sloping top tube and wooden rack that can carry everything from important biz documents to 6 cases of beer.

    Smooth cruiser and soild town/city commuter.

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