Interbike 2008: Detour Bags

We are wrapping up our Interbike 2008 Video coverage with this video. I hope you enjoyed our posts, the entire crew worked really hard for 3 days. If you missed any of our videos or posts, simply click on the ‘Interbike 2008‘ category on the sidebar.

On this video, Detour talks about their 09 line up as well as showing bags made with recycled trash.


  1. FredW

    Love that Bike Friday Ticket. I have Detours’ bags on my Bike Friday New World Tourist, but I don’t really commute since I work at home 🙂

  2. Ghost Rider

    By “the entire crew worked really hard for 3 days”, do you mean “we drank beer, we schmoozed with bicycle bigwigs, we posed with the Marzocchi Girl and we walked away with huge sacks of schwag”?

  3. wannaCmore

    Think that they could make some hard-sided panniers out of recycled beer cans?

  4. Ghost Rider

    I love those recycled bags and baskets…my son has both a pencil case and a lunchbag for school made from recycled Philippine juice containers (probably from the same women’s collective), and that stuff is durable!!

  5. wannaCmore

    Checked out the Detours website. The new recycled ones haven’t made it on yet. The pricing on what they do have is extremely attractive. I wonder about the durability and the rack attachment systems.

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