Flip that Bike! Follow up to the Puch

On the last installment of Flip that Bike, I showed you a gem of a find, a Puch road bike.

If you remember, this bike was pretty much ready to ride, it had new tires, cables/housing, and brake pads but it had some weird cut job on the handle bars that made it look goofy.

Luckily my only parts investment was to get a new handle bar at the cost of $20. I even reused the old bar tape, which saved me another $15. So here’s the final look of the bike with the new bars.

I just sold this bike last night for $300! My total investment was $95, total profit was $205! Not bad eh. So now I have set aside $100 from this sale, and will be on the look out for another bike I can flip.

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