Have cargo bike..will travel!

I updated Epicurean Cyclist with a little video I took from a trip I took to Oregon. Laura and I took the train from Los Angeles to Albany, OR and rode to Corvallis. I had a shoot lined up so I brought my camera gear in backpack. Unfortunately, when we got there it started to rain and my backpack wasn’t really waterproof.

What to do? We pulled into the nearest cafe and I asked for some trash bags to keep my gear dry. You’ll also see me assembling the bike at the train station. The webbing I’m wrapping around the front rack is marine safety net. Strong, yet light. It’s not the prettiest looking stuff but it can hold my gear and even adds a bit of suspension for it.

I guess I would classify this as an extreme commute. The train ride took 28 hours and involved boxing up the cargo bike. We were a little under-prepared weather-wise. No outer shells, just layers of wool.

However, everything turned out fine and in retrospect it was a fine mini-adventure.