Rock the Vote…With a Bicycle

Many areas offer early voting to ease the crush of long lines and even longer traffic jams on Election Day. Last week, early voting began in Hillsborough County, so my wife and I decided to ride downtown to vote at the very best early voting site in the entire county, the Fred B. Karl County Center, home of the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections (among many other county agencies).

county center

I used to work on the 18th floor in this building, and it has some of the best views of Tampa and the waterfront…huge windows all the way around the building mean there’s another spectacular view right around the corner. Voting is on the 16th floor, and while I waited for my wife to finish her ballot, I was able to look out at our neighborhood over 4 miles away…pretty stunning.


So, beat the rush on November 4th — take advantage of early voting if you can; use a bike to get there and you’ll send another message to our elected officials: a bicycle is a legitimate transportation choice for all manner of civic errands!



  1. Raiyn

    Wise decision to vote early.

  2. The Punisher

    Ghost, I can’t believe you gave up the best early voting spot in tampa. Now your millions of readers are going to show up and ruin it for the rest of us. ;^)

  3. Ghost Rider

    Punisher, if you go to the County Center, go BEFRORE lunch. We had zero wait time…but the lunch crowd is pretty thick.

  4. The Punisher

    I went when they opened at 9:00 A.M. and had about 20 people in front of me. This is the first year I’ve ever waited there.

  5. Marla

    I rode my bike to vote last week. I’ll just say most of the people there gave me unfriendly looks! But, that’s par for the coarse around here.

  6. Ben C

    I voted by absentee ballot. I sent my ballot in last monday, 10/20/08.

  7. Dave

    So that’s where I should be going… I tried to vote today at the library on Manhattan in South Tampa and the line was around half the building. Good for democracy, bad for Dave’s lunch hour.

  8. Ghost Rider

    Funny you mention Jan Platt Library…I used to go there during early voting years ago, but I got stuck in some horrendous lines there…I can’t recommend the County Center enough (but again, don’t go on your lunch break — the line gets to be 30-40 minutes).

  9. The Punisher

    No. No. No. the lines at the County Center downtown are the worst in the World! ;^p

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