Bike Commuting is Fun!

As some of you already know, Bike Commuting is really…

Due to my job…you guessed it, an IT Guy. I oversee 3 of our offices in Southern California. Each of them are about 40-50 miles away from each other and on any given day, I have to drive to either one of them. So that leaves me having to drive most of the time. But there are days when I can get a ride in and I have to tell you, I LOVE IT!

There’s just something about riding in traffic and being alert and having a sense of euphoria while zipping away from it all. I simply love having to bunny hop over each pot hole, or racing to make a light and even timing myself. I’m convinced that I can make it to my office in the same amount of time as I would if I drove.

I also have that feeling of satisfaction when I roll up to my office. It’s a great feeling that I know almost all commuters feel. Besides, bike commuting just feels soooooooooo good! I feel relaxed and happy!


  1. Evan

    Hey thanks for the inspiration! I just felt that satisfaction you mentioned about 10 minutes ago.

    If I knew how to bunny hop I would probably do that instead of steer around the potholes…

  2. Jesus Christ

    Well said BICYCLES=FUN the best part to me is racing traffic from one light to the next and the look of surpise in there eyes when you catch them. But I will admit I live in FT Myers, FL (I mean heaven…) and I didn’t ride to work today 50 degress is to cold for me, what a pussy I know. I will be back at it tommorw when its a nice 60.

  3. Geoff

    I’ve been doing the bike/bus/bike thing for the last few weeks. I ride to a nearby college grab a bus to the next college and get off (it’s too dark now to ride up the narrow hill safely). The stop is 7 miles from my destination but because of traffic and stops the bus makes I can beat the bus through the center of town, and be to work before the buses’ last stop.

    That is satisfying.

  4. james

    I’ve been doing 18 miles RT for about 6 years – and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Its uphill en route to work, but cooler so I don’t mind. I bike in all weather except heavy rain and slush – but i love getting to work refreshed and feeling great…

    i have my bike equipped so i can do errands and get groceries on the way home -and all through the seasons i love it


  5. Ben C

    Maybe a shirt that reads BICYCLES=FUN with a catchy picture may be financially beneficial.

    Anyhow, I believe that those of us that have the benefit to ride 3 or more times a week reach a point where we can do it in our sleep. We begin to know where all the major bumps are, pot holes, and even time the lights.

    I also like the facial reaction when I catch up to cars on the next light. People work hard to drive. They eccerate through the lanes then get caught at the light. Then us bike commuters pull up or past them and have the satisfaction of knowing that we are enjoying our ride with great satisfaction.

  6. RL Policar (Post author)

    I’m on it Ben. I’m going to get some made.

  7. Black Pearl


    Love to have you contact me.

  8. Smudgemo

    I thought you IT guys all sat at home in your underwear and fixed everything via remote desktop. Shows what I know…

  9. Palm Beach Bike Tours / Matt

    The ride into work is fun. The getting off the bike dripping in sweat is the not-so-fun part.

    This week, however, has been awesome. We got a cold snap this week in Southeast Florida and temperatures are in the 60s with a high of mid-70s. Perfect commuting weather(*). I can make it to work and home without so much as a drop of perspiration.

    (*) Perfect commuting weather, by the way, is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than perfect biking weather.

    I’m doing the South Broward Wheelers Century Ride ( ) this Sunday and am a bit worried about the cool temperatures. While I’d rather be cool than hot, my muscles aren’t nearly as efficient at 68 degrees as they are at 78 degrees. I’m going to have to dig out my arm and leg warmers.

    Yes, I know I’m a puss compared to folks in actual cool weather climates.

    There seem to be a lot of Florida folks here so, if you, too, are going to do the South Broward century this weekend, let me know so I know to look for you.


  10. Iron_Man

    Al Roeker told me via the boob tube that Ghost in Tampa had the same temps for the morning commute that we had here in Southern Missouri. It was 48 degrees this morning. Folks look at me like I’m nuts. “Aren’t you freezing?” they ask. I reply that I have the same problems in the Winter that I do in the Summer. What to do with excess body heat, which is why I prefer Winter riding. I can just unzip the jacket and get instant cooling. I peel off an outer layer and show them all the perspiration build up inside and they are a surprised.

    That last sentence sounds a little naughty.

  11. Riley

    Five days a week I make a bike-CalTrain-bike commute down the San Francisco peninsula.

    This morning a major train-car accident seriously delayed CalTrain service in both directions.

    So I jumped off wayyy early and finished the commute on my bike. I beat the train to San Mateo, had a nice ride, and even saw fellow bike refugees on the road. FUN! indeed…

  12. Ghost Rider

    I think it was even a little colder than Al Roeker said…our thermometer was at 46 when I went out for a fitness ride today, and it was down to to 44 when I commuted home last night. Gawd, that was miserable! Luckily, I was prepared with a windproof shell and a wool sweater underneath + helmet liner to keep my ears warm.

    No matter what, though, it puts a big grin on my face to get out there and ride — anything is better than being trapped inside a car.

  13. db

    Yeah, I love the “Aren’t you COLD?” thing from co-workers.

    I’ve been riding in the a.m. with low-30s temperatures, but I’ve only had one ride that didn’t see me sweat. If you know how to dress for it, it’s not hard.

  14. SD Girl

    Whenever people ask me why I ride, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is that IT IS FUN! Work can be so stressful, but I love that I can hop on my bike at the end of the day and leave it all behind. Such fun!

  15. Atlanta Biker

    It must be easier to bike on the west coast than the east coast. It seems like here in Atlanta, the commuting to work can be almost as stressful as work. I have been hit a year ago by a car, and I am almost paranoid of cycling w/ such hostile drivers. I dont see it getting any better now that the gas prices are coming back down. Ugggh

  16. love_2_commute

    It’s true – I’ve been commuting by bike for a few years now, and it’s guaranteed fun twice a day, which is more than most people get. I get ticked off if errands or kids’ transportation needs cause me to drive for a couple of days in a row.

    Sometimes, when I’m riding my bike home from work, I think, “What would I be doing right now if I didn’t have to work for a living?” Frequently, the answer is “I’d be going for a bike ride, like I’m doing right now!”

    To “Atlanta Biker”: It’s true: bad traffic can be the difference between a fun ride and a tense, scary one. I’ve carefully worked out my route to avoid big, busy streets, and it’s made a huge difference. Good luck!

  17. Lee

    We have found that tension on the roadways calms down a bit when motorists and cyclists send each other “I see you and acknowledge you” nonverbal messages. When motorists and cyclists actively acknowledge, communicate with and respect one other on the roads using eye contact and hand signals, we make our roads safer and more enjoyable. This is why we are such huge advocates of cycling mirrors.

    Let us know if you’d like to try one of our mirrors — we’ll set you up!

    Be Safe.
    Be CycleAware.

    Lee Gilbert
    President & CEO
    CycleAware, Inc.

  18. Elizabeth

    We’ve got a warm snap here in Chicago — got over 70 today and was 68 on the ride home — perfect! Can I come ride in that century in FL this weekend? It’s supposed to dip back into the 40s here. 🙁

  19. Bubba

    Commuting by bike is impossibly dangerous where I live in suburban Atlanta. I have tried to may out a route that would not be the equivalent of Russian roulette in traffic, but there simply isn’t one.

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