Russ Roca’s Birthday

The entire crew would like to wish Russ Roca a very happy birthday. We are extremely grateful to have him as a friend and as a contributor to the site.


  1. Dominic Dougherty

    Thanks everyone!

  2. RussRoca

    oops…that was me logged in on dominic’s computer….thanks everyone!


  3. Ghost Rider

    Didja get any neat bike goodies for your birthday?

  4. Priscilla

    Happy Birthday Russ!!! 🙂

  5. Russ Roca

    Well…not exactly for my birthday, but Ortlieb sent me a Shuttle Box to review (upcoming) yesterday. It’s pretty sweet! I’m going to try doing a few of my upcoming shoots using it….

  6. Raiyn

    Happy Birthday Russ

  7. 2whls3spds

    Happy Birthday Russ and many, many more…so you can join us old farts…LOL


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