Acorn Bags Handlebar Bag Review

I’m just a reviewing fool this weekend! I just posted a review of Acorn Bags handlebar bag on Epicurean Cyclist. Click here to read the whole thing.


  1. Evan

    That bag looks pretty sweet. I’m actually looking for something similar.

    Do you think it would still be secure without drop handlebars to tie it to?

    And while we’re on the drop bars – what kind of bars are those in the photos? I really like the bend they got going on.

  2. Russ Roca

    I’ve tried this bag on an bike with Albatross bars and it worked fine…though it did swing a bit more…I reconfigured the ties so they wrapped around the stem somehow…It will work but it won’t be ideal…

    The bars themselves are Nitto Randonneurs, my favorite drop style handle bar that I’ve tried…

    They have a shortish drop for us mere mortals, the drops flare out and the ramp provides lots of flatish hold..

  3. MadflyTom

    I have used this bag all summer, on several multi-day bike camping trips and training rides. It’s great, and extremely durable.

    The question about using it without drop bars…if you have a front rack you can run a bungee cord or strap down from the lower bag eyelets to the rack, and it’s nice and secure – no flopping.

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