Assorted Fun Stuff For Your Tuesday

Here’s a collection of odd bits I’ve been emailed in the past week — or things I’ve discovered surfing the Web. Enjoy!

Artistic bike racks have been all over the news…nice to see that cities are trying to simultaneously spruce things up AND add bicycling infrastructure. Here’s a shot of a really nice bike rack just outside Millenium Park in Chicago — forwarded by our friend Ann Rappaport:

bike rack

Faithful reader Kevin Turner of Jersey City, NJ forwarded a link to the following online cartoon:


The complete cartoon series is called “The System” and can be found by clicking here. Based on the cartoons’ content, I can gather that the artist is a bike commuter, graphic designer and a serious smartass — thumbs up all the way around! There are several other commuter-friendly strips in his collection, too.

I spotted this on the excellent Cycleicious blog a couple weeks ago. Since then, I’ve scoured the Web looking for a high-resolution version so I can print and distribute these beauties wherever I go. No luck…but if any of you happen to find a better version out there, please post a link in the comment section:

car recall

And finally, good friend and fellow commuter Richard D. (known around here as “The Punisher” in keeping with our B-list superhero theme) sent me the following photo to let everyone know that he talks the talk even while relaxing with a bigbore shotgun. The tshirt is from KHS Bicycles clothing collection. Gas Sucks — Blast a Hole in the Sky!

gas sucks

Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. Raiyn

    Now THAT is a sweet rack! There’s no question as to what it is or how to use it. It explains itself brilliantly.

  2. The Punisher

    No I’m not a redneck nor a republican!

  3. Palm Beach Bike Tours

    I love the AllCarRecall sticker. I just wish the web site was real. Anyone at Bike Commuters want to register before I do?

    It reminds me of something I saw in a motocycle catalog, the Yellow Card. The notecard-sized magnet is yellow and contains a message to bad drivers. The idea is that you toss it on a jerk’s car. It does no harm but is a way to leave a mostly-harmless message while in traffic.


  4. Elizabeth

    Hey…. I recognize that bike rack! πŸ™‚
    Nice shot. It’s under snow tonight.

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  6. MarkR


    Whats wrong with being a Republican and having a red neck, and being a hunter? So if I consider myself in that group I can’t be a bike commuter or bike rider? I can’t care about the environment? Sounds like typical Demo. liberal elitism crap to me.

    Punisher, it also sounds like your embarrassed by the pic. but I’ll say this, if you are a cyclist and a hunter of birds, you can’t be all bad. You may even be forgiven for being a liberal, but that just depends how far to the left you really are πŸ˜‰

  7. The Punisher


    LOL my friend. But really folks, Republicans shouldn’t ride bikes except maybe on Mondays. It all goes back to that relative motion thingy. Are you really going anywhere or is the earth spinning and the bike keeping you in the same place? That’s all I’m sayin’.

    Peace, love, and guns baby.

  8. Bob

    I would be more impressed if the photo Punisher included him riding a bike and instead birds it was cars he was shooting.

    Rosscott is funny. Never saw the material before, but I am going to start reading it.


  9. Ghost Rider

    @Bob — we’re working on something like that…perhaps not actually shooting cars, but just picture a machine-gun mount for the back of an Xtracycle…”The Intimidator”.

  10. Russ Roca

    That all car recall is funny….

    We should do one that looks like those “Dangerous Species” posters you see at lakes and parks warning people about destructive and non-native critters…

    Automobilis Destructis

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