Last-Minute Holiday Gift Idea…

Looking for that special something to round out your holiday shopping? Well, a wall calendar is always a thoughtful gift, and everyone could use one to help keep track of day-to-day events.

Look no further: I present to you the “2009 Cute Commute Calendar”.


Seventeen stunning Austin-based women representing all aspects of Austin’s cycling culture, from triathletes to fixed-gear riders to commuters and artbike creators. My favorite is Miss September!

The calendar’s photography is amazing, and the calendar itself is blessedly free of the T&A and “cheesecake” so many other women’s calendars are plagued by…so this calendar is definitely “spouse-friendly”.

Ordering information can be found by clicking here. $15.00 (including shipping) gets you a 14-month calendar and helps support a good cause — developing a great resource for Austin’s bicycle community!

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