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I got the following email from faithful reader Jared Fitzgibbon:

“Now that the bottom has fallen out of the economy, Obama and his team are talking about infrastructure investments as a way to dig ourselves out. The website has a form where people can submit ideas about it. I went on a minute ago and added my own wish for cycling infrastructure. Lanes, signs, public education, routes, all that. I think if we’re going to be rebuilding infrastructure, now is the perfect time to make our voices heard as cyclists.

I’m not affiliated w/ the team in any way but I think if you and all of us readers were to submit our ideas to this site, we could really see some fantastic changes in our cities, towns, and roads all over the country. Regardless of political affiliation, this is a great moment for all of us to tell the new President what we want.”

Here are a couple of places we can let our thoughts be known and our voices heard:


  1. Matt

    This is a more popular one – it may help to push one biking proposal rather than several smaller ones.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Thanks, Matt…there appears to be a lot of overlap in the proposals on — and with a little luck, the planners there will consolidate the similar ones and figure out that there’s a LOT of interest in improving our cycling infrastructure here.

  3. Raiyn

    In addition to increased bicycle infrastructure I’d like to see a “Ride on the Right” campaign. I get rather annoyed with wrong way “guys on bikes” ( Cyclists know better).

    The other move I’d like to see is a national light rail system on par with Japan.

  4. Mike Myers

    Amen, Raiyn. It’s really bad where I live. I hate dealing with wrong way cyclists when I’m driving. Dangerous, for sure.

  5. Ghost Rider

    BSNYC refers to wrong way bike people as “bike salmon”. I think it’s an apt comparison…except perhaps the actual salmon are smarter!

    I’d really like to see light rail/commuter rail options around the U.S. — oh, and bolstering the Amtrak system. Come on…flying on an airplane is for suckers…rail is where it’s at!

  6. Bob

    More bicycle advocacy groups along with their members and “lone riders” need to start speaking out on a national level.

    “Bike salmon” that’s funny. 🙂

  7. db

    Thanks for posting those links. Will definitely add my input.

  8. Raiyn

    @ Mike
    Notice I didn’t call them cyclists. They don’t get the title because they make the rest of us look bad.

    Look, I get that many times simple physics might escape them but there’s a damn arrow painted in the lane to show them the right way.

    “But I can dodge the car because I can see it!” Err, no. You’ll most likely panic, hit the curb, and wipe out. Plus, if the car is that far over it’s probably going to hit you anyway it’s your choice if you want it to hit you in a manner which will lessen the impact or one where it runs your wiped out butt over.
    *end rant

  9. Raiyn

    Something in the same vein as the original post.
    Help Rep. Oberstar Support Mass Transit via Streetsblog

    Rep. Oberstar is from my home state of MN and has long been a proponent of mass transit and bicycle infrastructure. There’s a link to a beautifully set up auto petition in the story.

  10. eric

    i would like to see obama shut down the federal reserve and bring home all troops from the hundred or so countries they are. obama is a continuation of bush who was a continuation of clinton.

  11. Mike Myers

    Raiyn—I’ve heard the “see it coming” argument from my own brother, a smart MOTORCYCLIST, for cryin out loud.

    Wrong way riders on 2-lane roads scare me. If a rider is in my lane riding with traffic, I can slow and pass when it’s safe. If he’s riding toward me and there’s oncoming traffic, I’m forced to buzz the rider. Then he goes home and tells his friends how scary it is to ride. Then before long he gets hit or forced off the road and gets listed as a “bicyclist” in the papers. Then we end up in re-education camps.

  12. Raiyn

    @ Mike
    Preaching to the choir, buddy.

    @ Eric
    Come back when you can make some intelligent points rather than comments akin to mumbled conspiracy theories.

  13. CyclingAnalyst

    Building infrastructure for improved and safer cycling would be difficult on a national scale because of the resistance of local municipalities. A better approach might be to further quantify the methods of rating a city as “bicycle-friendly”. And federal funds for cycling enhancement could be awarded based on the ratings as an incentive to cities. California has Law AB-1581 that mandates bicycle detection at traffic signals at initial installation or subsequent replacement. But cities like Newport Beach continue to resist cycling. The traffic engineers from Newport Beach City Hall replied to an email that a left-turn signal used by hundreds of cyclists each week had been set back not to detect bicycles. The embedded wire loops and quadruples do not detect a bicycle either on passing over or stopping on. Meanwhile, the Newport Beach Police Department (NBPD) exploits bicycles by writing vehicle citations that can total to a $1000 for fine and insurance increases. The traffic commanding lieutenant at NBPD sent me a letter advocating that bicycles should first test a signal, then dismount and scurry from the left-turn lane over to crosswalk to press the pedestrian button. If cities such as the Newport Beach City Hall and the NBPD are collaborating to defy California bicycle traffic signal detection, a national program for cycling infrastructure is futile. In this economy of reduced tax revenues, cities that are overstaffed and under-productive will tend to prey on cyclists as fodder for citation revenue.

  14. Rain Waters


    You might wake up sooner or later and listen to people like eric. Its sad to see people repeatedy put their faith in politicians. I was raised in mendota and am here in Oregon, so trust me, I know what makes liberals tick.

    Its sad to see intelligent people put their faith in a 100% totally corrupt system way beyond possibility of recycling. Although you may not hear this, if you’re wise enough to feel the benefit of cycling then what keeps you tied to distracting nonsense like the big O? Simply distracting nonsense. . .

    I know it hurts to look at the world as its presented to us now>

    Bike commuting is a positive step and we really don’t need to bash each other no matter which direction we might choose to do so in. So I’m gonna ease over and let this pass instead of choosing to turn it into us and them.

    Rain without the Y

  15. Raiyn

    @ “Rain Waters”
    It’s not me who needs to wake up. If you had read what I said, I invited him to come back when he had some intelligent points to add as opposed to the poorly articulated ravings of the tin foil hat brigade.

    Obama may not be the messianic figure that Faux News and their neo-con ilk mockingly try to pin the hopes of the lefties on, but he’s a damn site better than what we’ve had for the last 8 years and for me that’s a start.

    Raiyn – not the guy you want to argue with.

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