Bike Signage Survey Help Needed

Forwarded to me by a friend of the East Coast Greenway, and appearing in their newsletter:

Click on the below link to take part in a brief signage survey developed by the East Coast Greenway.

This survey will provide preliminary data that will help us to get a proper hearing from the national committee now considering changes to our bicycle route, roadway, and trail signage. If you can spare 12 minutes to fill it out, you will have done much to help this important process. Thanks!



  1. Jeff

    The survey is too long. Questions are redundant. I lost patience and quit at 54%. You’ll get better results if you eliminate the redundancy so the survey can be shortened.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Tell it to the East Coast Greenway folks.

    I agree that it is long…and a bit redundant. But, there’s probably a method to their madness over there!

  3. Mike Myers

    I grunted my way through that survey. WAY too long and horribly redundant. I will admit my answers got kind of sarcastic toward the end. Seems they could have cut it down to about a handful of questions—do you prefer a silhouette of a rider or just a bicycle, do you prefer green or blue signage, and do you prefer numbers only or names of roads on signs?

  4. Raiyn

    Arrgh Twiki or no Twiki, green or blue?

    Just give me green signs without Twiki from Buck Rogers and save yourself about 60 questions

  5. ken sturrock

    Oh man – agreed. I used to design surveys professionally and this one is truly awful.

    The sad thing is that it’s going to generate bogus answers and they might try to encourage the use of signs that look “new and stylish” rather than standard and meaningful.

  6. Darrren

    Agreed bad survey.

    The new stylish design might have good intentions but design is lacking.

    There was one place where they had what a design that looked different that all others. It was like the standard one seen on signs now, but simplified with handle bars. That one wasn’t too bad. I think the currently common bicycle on bike route signs could use some work, but none of the new ones I saw were really an improvement. Is there an international standard for bike signs as part of the international traffic signs?

  7. Ghost Rider

    @Raiyn, you’re killing me, man — Twiki! That modernized sign looks JUST LIKE Twiki!

    Does anyone think that the modernized silhouette for the bicyclist in this survey could also be mistaken for a motorcycle?

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  9. 2whls3spds

    I took the survey…hope they have fun reading the comments. There is nothing wrong with the current signage. I always wondered why companies and governments seem to think some things need “modernizing” especially when it is going to cost somebody money. I have no problem with it, if it will increase cyclist safety, or motorist awareness, but neither of those seems to be the case.


  10. Mike Myers

    Blue signs should be reserved for hospitals, no?

  11. Ghost Rider

    Yeah…there’s something about the color-coding of signs…standardized, at least in the U.S. While I like the blue signs and how they stand out against a leafy green background, they don’t send a caution message the way a yellow sign does.

  12. rapps

    it became hard to not use the phrase “death wish” all the time and whats with the guy riding the wrong way?? Completed it and glad it’s done.

  13. Raiyn

    Yeah Ghost, I just think the “stylized” version is a bidi-bidi-bidi bad design. Blue is for Hospitals / services (as seen on highway off ramps)

  14. Dobovedo

    I started reviewing the survey questions at about 20%, pointing out that choices between two nearly identical graphics aren’t their problem and that neither one matters over the other. The problem is that none of the signs communicate what they are trying to communicate. Then I got bored and started entering random answers. Three hours later I was about 45% through it and quit. Somebody is working very hard to do enough busy work to justify keeping their job.

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