First Commute of the Year

I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions, but one thing I did promise my self was making sure I rode my bike more than I did last year. My first commute of the year will be tomorrow to my office. I’m really looking forward to it and take all the steps to prepare my stuff for my maiden voyage.

1. Charge battery pack for lights
2. Have change of clothes picked out
3. Check over my bike and make sure its in good working order.
4. Pack tube, pump and water bottle
5. Get all my hygiene stuff packed
6. Set my alarm!

So that’s about it, I’m thinking of getting into this wool stuff that Russ Roca so avidly supports. I also like the classy/vintage style commuter bikes that I’m seeing more through people’s comments and emails that we get. I may just have to slowly convert one of the bikes into something that sorta accentuates the Russ Roca-ish style of bikes. I’ll start off by saving up for a Brooks saddle…

Wish me luck!

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