Bike Touring/Commuting Gear for Women

Women like to bike commute and tour too 🙂 My girlfriend, Laura, and touring partner wrote some reviews for Epicurean Cyclist on some women specific gear that she uses for both touring and commuting.

Included in the review are some wool goodies from and Smartwool. She also writes about the various advantages of tri-shorts over bike-specific shorts for touring.

Check it out here!


  1. Ghost Rider

    Fantastic observations…and a refreshing look from a woman’s perspective! Let’s face it: it can be a real “sausage party” around these parts, and it’s great when we can get a female take on gear and other commuting/touring considerations. So, thank you Laura for contributing!

  2. Dottie

    Yes, women do love to bike commute, too! I love Smartwool and also Icebreakers. I totally agree with Laura about the longer length of their shirts being a big plus. I commute mostly in everyday clothes, but nothing beats wool for staying warm and smelling like flowers 🙂 In winter I always have on a wool undershirt, wool leggings or tights, and wool socks.

  3. Mike Myers

    I would imagine it’s difficult for women to commute in typical bicycle clothing. Lycra is unforgiving. As are rude male motorists.

  4. Quinn

    Too borrow a line from a movie…”Anyone can cook”, yes I am a male, but I am Hoping to start some S240 this summer and I think the tri-shorts idea/observation is Very cool, I think will help ,e a lot.

  5. Reynard, the Fox

    Hey, your girlfriend crafted the head badge I have on my bicycle!

    She did a great job, too.

  6. meligrosa

    sweet! Im deeply in love with my smartWool and icebreaker goodies. They are some my favorite items for riding ever! what a nice post, and I like the blog. I’ll put it on my blog list 😀
    cheers! xo/m

  7. Ellen

    Thanks for the information, I am a Miami bike commuter, looking to getting into touring and I will look into these products.

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