An Early Birthday Present — Steel Toe Studios Cyclone Buckle

Knowing that I’m a huge fan of artwork made of recycled bike parts, my wife got me this great belt buckle for my upcoming birthday (I’m gonna be 25…yeah, 25. And I’m sticking to that number). It’s called the “Cyclone Super Cog” buckle…

super cog

Crafted by Steel Toe Studios in Seattle, blacksmith/artist Erica Gordon makes these buckles out of recycled cassette cogs. Shaped with heat and a big hammer, the cogs are then finished with a variety of distressing and surface-treatment techniques.

If you look very closely, you might see that the cog is an old Campagnolo…my wife knows me too well, indeed, and she made a special request for one from the studio. Awesome!

The buckle is sturdy, yet very lightweight, and helps hold up my “manpris” when paired with a studded belt — you can call me a hipster all you want, but if I hear you, I’m gonna swing my Super Cog right upside your head!

Check out Steel Toe Studios on their Etsy site or at their homepage.


  1. Quinn

    looks like the Grand Prize for the next bike rodeo 😀

  2. db

    The recycled tire belt looks good, too. Did you get that to go with the buckle?

  3. Ghost Rider

    No, I didn’t…Alchemy Works makes some great stuff, but I’m holding out for a ZPG recycled tire belt.

  4. Lance

    Awesome buckle Jack. That’s a kickass wife right there too! Sure beats underwear and shampoo.

  5. db

    I can’t find a site where the ZPG belt is for sale. You have a place?

  6. Ghost Rider

    Well, crap — looks like I missed the boat:

  7. db

    Well, you know, with as many tubes as I go through in a year, I should figure out how to make my own. Just need to figure out how to “de-Slime” a blown tube. 🙁

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