Short Term Review: Dahon Speed TR

On Epicurean Cyclist, I put the Dahon Speed TR through its paces during a weekend tour. The Speed TR is Dahon’s touring model, which means it would probably make a kick-ass commuter bike as well.

I review the stock components, talk about fit and make some recommendations if you were going to take it on some serious touring. Check it out here!


  1. Ghost Rider

    If you had front panniers and you mounted them on the Dahon, wouldn’t they drag on the pavement?

    And what is up with radial lacing on this bike…a fashion thing? If you relaced these wheels, why 2x in back rather than the tried-and-true 3x?

  2. Russ Roca (Post author)

    I think you’d definitely have to use smaller front panniers on the front….

    I really would have like to see a KlickFix boxy rando bag that takes advantage of that mount in the front. Or something like the Brompton has with it’s touring front bag.

    Not quite sure about the radial lacing. To it’s credit, I didn’t break any spokes, but for longer tours I would probably relace the wheels.

  3. DEMax

    I love the idea of small size folding bikes, but when I tried one in my commute (car-train-bike) the small tires on the hills killed me. I didn’t feel safe unless I could get at least 10mph. Going slower than that felt dangerous. I sold it to a NYC commuter who loves it.

  4. Joe Kilroy

    But i have read many reviews saying that Dahon bikes EXCEL on hills, both on the up and the descent.

  5. Gabriel

    I really wanna get my Speed Tr , looking in internet there was to much offers to study. In Chile for the 200 years birthday, the will have an internacional encounter for Cicling
    Im from Brazil, and usully make some sustaintable proyects.
    Yhis last days we had made one in La Serena, Chile.
    That’s good to know I’m not the only who care about it, and take this way of life, that you could travel in bike, and dont lose a ride, (someone’s lift) ! In the same time, you dont lost time to lock your bike, our travel to anywhere, easely.

    See ya
    continuos with green thougths

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