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Andy from Stimulus Bike alerted us to his new blog, and we thought we’d share it with you.


Just what is Stimulus Bike? Well,

Dubbed the “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” by Barack Obama, this economic stimulus package is still in development and no details are known for sure. Early reports indicated the total plan accounting for anywhere between $500 billion to $1.2 trillion over two years. In a recent interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, Obama stated that he plans on $775 billion to be in this plan, with possibility to grow.

So what is your portion? The majority of this money will go towards major projects such as infrastructure, while approximately $310 billion may be allocated for tax breaks. Individuals may receive $500 per person ($1000 per couple) in the form of reduced tax withholding over 4 months. For those that receive a paycheck every two weeks, expect around $60 more on each paycheck.

What should I do with this money?
Use your economic stimulus money to buy a bike! Buy a new bike, a used bike, fix up your bike, get one for your kids, or donate the money to bike advocacy groups. A bike is a cheap yet effective way to get around, especially in combination with trains and buses where available. Many Americans just made New Year’s Resolutions to be green, to lose weight, or to budget their money better, and biking is a fantastic way to do all of those.

The site is low on content, as it is pretty new — still, this one bears watching, and surely it is a great idea: I mean, extra money is always great for a bike project!

Check out Stimulus Bike and sign the pledge.


  1. Iron Man

    New bike? Perhaps. Though an incremental addition to my weekly paycheck will likely just get absorbed into some other expenditure. Now if I could get some sort of tax credit, such as a new Prius owner enjoys, well that would go a long way towards me buying a new commuter bike.

  2. Andy

    Thanks for mentioning my site!
    @Iron Man, if you commute to work you can ask your employer for the $20 per month benefit, plus this extra $500 per person from the stimulus package. Even if you don’t commit that money in one lump sum to cycling, every cent you spend towards it helps bike shops and makes cycling incrementally more important.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Amen…why can’t we just get a tax credit or claim some of our expenses on our tax returns rather than hope and plead for our employers to offer us a $20 fringe benefit? Or do like the UK, which has a scheme to offer tax-free loans on bicycles and equipment for the purposes of work commuting?

  4. Iron Man

    Andy, that would be cool, but it’s my understanding that the benefit is something that my company can write off on it’s taxes. It sounds good, but I work for a non-profit. So they don’t pay taxes as it is. The problem I have with that plan is that employers are saying “I’m gonna pay our accountant $100+ an hour to fill out the paperwork so you can get your $20? No thanks.”

  5. MattG

    I think that I might be in agreement with GR here. What if we extended the Prius credit to include any “vehicles” which get 45-50 mpg or better? I would even settle for a fixed percent of the puchase price of the vehicle.

  6. Ghost Rider

    “I think that I might be in agreement with GR here.”

    Matt, you make it sound like I’m very difficult to agree with! 😉

  7. letsgorideabike

    I used my Bush “stimulus” check to buy a new bike! My first adult bike and the beginning to making cylcing part of my daily life.

  8. MattG

    Ghost Rider, it’s not that you are necessarily hard to agree with as much as it is that I make it a habit to disagree as much as possible! So having to admit that someone else has a valid point or idea is a big step for me. My therapist calls them “baby steps.” 🙂

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