CETMA Cargo Bike…ready to go!

I’m a big fan of front loaders, so it’s great to see another one on the market! CETMA is officially taking orders for their new front loading separable cargo bike. These bikes are handmade in these United States from Eugene, Oregon. So when you buy one, you’re supporting a great cottage industry business.

The beauty of the bike is that it is highly customizable. It has all the braze-ons for disc-brakes if that’s how you roll, or cant-studs. They have built versions with both SRAM drivetrains as well as some with the NuVinci hub. The bike can break apart and be nestled into itself to fit in a box that can be shipped via UPS anywhere in the country. Another future feature of break-apart design, is that you will be able to swap cargo beds (tentatively named “Largo” and “Margo” for their large and medium sized bed) for specific loads.

The cost of the bike is comparable to those of the Dutch Bakfiets, but it has advantages in that the components can be better modified for hillier terrain.

Another great thing about the CETMA cargo is that currently, their build time from order to completion is about 3 weeks! How awesome is that. No need to wait months for an awesome front loader.

I personally haven’t ridden it, but I’m hoping to ride it some time this spring or summer when I’m in the NW again. Lane and I briefly talked about doing a cargo bike tour down the coast to show what these bikes can do.

With these tough times, there’s no better time to sell the car and replace it with a stout cargo bike. So it’s great to see that CETMA is another option among the slowly growing list of cargo bike builders.


  1. Rob

    This thing looks like it would be a bear to drive around… or at the least, it would take a little practice to avoid running into things. 😀

  2. Ghost Rider

    Hell yes…I want one!

  3. Dominic Dougherty

    I am going to be the first kid on my block to have one.

    Best of luck on this project Lane!
    You’ll be getting in to my wallet soon enough.

  4. j.p.

    cool! we’re gonna keep enjoying our yuba for now, but it is fun to see other bikes that haul more than cars do….

  5. Iron Man

    With temperature swings of over 40 degrees F some days I could use the carrying capacity of that beast. I run out of places to stash the excess clothing on days that start out at 18 and end up at 64. I could probably pick up some of the fat toads I work with that live in my neighborhood too.

  6. MattG

    Iron Man, I would love to see you participate in the local “carpool” with one of these! Can someone get him one to try out long enough for us to get a picture of him hauling those guys to work?! Priceless!

  7. Patrick in Chicago

    I want one!

  8. Mike Myers

    It’s cool. Definitely more than I could use. How do you suppose one would get groceries home on the flatbed? Big cargo net?

  9. Chip Haynes

    It would be easy enough to add a plastic bin or two for groceries.

    Very, very cool!

  10. Anna

    Oh god that’s amazing! I have to get one. Maybe I can find some people who would want to share…

  11. David

    Amazing indeed! I am one of the lucky ones that does own a Cetma Cargo! I was amazed at the quick adjustment time – 3 minutes? The 60+ lb CrMo bike is a whole bunch lighter than the Dutch bakfiets. It works wonderfully well as is, but I have added a 9 Continent front hub motor as an experiment. Delightful!

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