BrightBike Project

Well, we’re a day late and a dollar short in presenting this — we got an announcement a couple weeks ago about BrightBike, a novel project which consists of wrapping bicycles in highly-reflective tape. The project and concept has been covered on a number of bicycling sites, and our friends over at Commute By Bike “scooped us” on this one…hey, it happens!

Kevin Hartnett sent us the following information:

We’ve been working with a not-for-profit organization called Eyebeam on a project called BrightBike. The purpose of the project was to promote bicycle safety by encouraging riders to wrap their bicycles in a highly reflective vinyl tape, thereby making them much more visible to motorists especially at night.

Eyebeam ran a workshop in late December where people came and wrapped their bikes… I think it was pretty successful.

We’ve worked closely with Mike Mandiberg to develop a Do-It-Yourself Kit at a much more reasonable price than what you would have to pay to purchase the vinyl in bulk. Most of the people who’ve contacted us about the kits have been commuters, so I thought this might be a news-worthy item for your website.

There’s more information about this project at Beacon Graphics or at The Red Project and there’s a time-lapse video of the wrapping process here:

Bright Bike from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo.

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