Coming Soon: A New Bicycle by Dynamic

Here’s a sneak peek at something that arrived at the East Coast Secret Laboratory today:

dynamic box

It’s the new model from our friends at Dynamic Bicycles…so new it hasn’t even been announced anywhere else!

Wait a minute…Dynamic? Aren’t those the folks who make those shaft-drive bikes? Well, yes — and this is a departure from that. The new bike is a) a really great idea that we’ve talked about on this site in the past (the idea, not this particular bike) and b) fairly unlike anything else currently on the new bicycle market.

It’s a road bike…but so much more (and a little less). How’s that for a tease that tells you almost nothing?


Stay tuned as we get this machine unpacked, assembled and on the road. I’ll be posting a “first impression” article next week if all goes well, and then you’ll get more details about what makes this bike so different.

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