Coming Soon: A New Bicycle by Dynamic

Here’s a sneak peek at something that arrived at the East Coast Secret Laboratory today:

dynamic box

It’s the new model from our friends at Dynamic Bicycles…so new it hasn’t even been announced anywhere else!

Wait a minute…Dynamic? Aren’t those the folks who make those shaft-drive bikes? Well, yes — and this is a departure from that. The new bike is a) a really great idea that we’ve talked about on this site in the past (the idea, not this particular bike) and b) fairly unlike anything else currently on the new bicycle market.

It’s a road bike…but so much more (and a little less). How’s that for a tease that tells you almost nothing?


Stay tuned as we get this machine unpacked, assembled and on the road. I’ll be posting a “first impression” article next week if all goes well, and then you’ll get more details about what makes this bike so different.


  1. MattG

    Was this really necessary? I thought that I had put the trauma of Christmas Present Suspense behind me for the year!

    You guys are killing me! 🙂

  2. Quinn

    3 guesses –
    Belt drive
    Internal hub
    shaft drive, Inside the chain stay

  3. MattG

    I’d be willing to second the belt drive idea if I had to choose. Dynamic seems to be all about the “hassle free commuter ride.”

  4. Ghost Rider

    Well, it’s not a shaft drive. Remember I said that this was a departure for Dynamic…

    Keep guessing!

  5. Dman

    Fixed geared alfine internal hub. It’ll let you shift, but not freewheel.

    Don’t act like you’re not curious…..

  6. Chip Haynes

    My guess (from the photo) is belt drive, but belts make frames have to do odd things (to get the belt on and off).

    I would have been happy with a shaft-drive fixie.

  7. Raiyn

    Umm, “As Seen On Fox and Friends”? Sorry, but that’s already a “FAIL” for me.

  8. Quinn

    Nuvinci (belt) hub

  9. MattG

    Slightly Off Topic Alert!
    I am saving my pennies to buy an upgrade to my 1973 Peugeot Wonder 1.3 commuter bike and am seriously interested in internal hubs (a la swobo or dynamic) however, being a big guy (240) and having a high rise bridge to cross, I’m worried about reports that internal hubs seriously hate that kind of stress and tend to break or explode.
    Can the knowledgable folks here confirm/deny my fears? Can I move confidently forward with my dreams of an internal hub?

  10. Ghost Rider


    there isn’t a published weight limit that I’ve ever read for IGH…and if they break or explode under hill-climbing loads, they wouldn’t be able to remain on the market.

    I think that one’s based in “urban legend” territory.

  11. Chip Haynes

    Although I’m not all that heavy (170 after dinner), I recommend the old Shimano3-3-3 three-speed hub for commuting. I’ve got them on several of my bikes and they shift beautifully every time. Some of these hubs are at least 35 years old, and still work perfectly. If you can get by with a three speed, that’s one I’d go for.

  12. MattG

    Thanks guys. I had read just enough customer reviews complaining about different IGHs that I was worried.

    The 3 spds look like enough gearing for me as I only have that one “hill” to deal with and I’m not too broken down yet to stand and crank it out. 🙂

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand: A belt driven IGH under 1K would be a real coup for Dynamic.

  13. Dman

    I don’t like the idea of a belt drive. As an engineer I don’t like the idea of a frame that comes apart…just doesn’t seem right! Different (pedal) strokes for different folks though.

  14. wade G.

    I’m getting that Xmas feeling too.
    Come on and give us a clue.

  15. Dean Peddle

    I guess it’s the first seatless bike !!!

  16. mercutio stencil

    Judging by those brakes, drop bars and skinny little tires, I’m guessing it’ll be a performance machine based on an IGH. If it is, It would be pretty cool.

  17. pierre

    I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Here we have great bike artisan that try to survive, we have a bike culture (race, fixie, commute, ect), we don’t need that chinese piece of junk.

    Begin by supporting your local bike builders and be pround of your local workers in any domain.

    Do not buy made in China.

  18. Chip Haynes

    If you want to go a little wacky over it, you can design bike frames for belt drive systems that don’t require that the frame come apart to install/remove the belt. They just look a bit odd.

    (Well, the right-side chain stay does, anyway.)

    So are we ever going to see a photo of that boxed bike assembled?

  19. Ghost Rider

    Chip, we put something up the other day. Look for “Dynamic Synergy”.

  20. Bike Trader

    Hi Jack,
    Its surprise ,but it must be something described above.
    Waiting for your new article,to see some dynamic thing(bike).

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