Another Wacky Xtracycle Mod

As you may know, the crew is all about modifications to the Xtracycle — increasing its versatility, passenger- and cargo-carrying capacity.

Thanks to a heads-up from my friend Ken Sturrock, there’s another cool mod featured on Xtracycle’s own site: The PizzaLoader! Ever wondered how you were going to carry those Italian pies to the Superbowl party, alley cat or other event? Fret no more — Xtracycle provides a complete materials list and assembly instructions!

(image borrowed — complete with typo! — from Xtracycle’s blog).

Check out this amazing modification by clicking here.


  1. 2whls3spds

    Interesting modification…but I find it is easier to haul the raw ingredients home and make my own pizza. No special racks or bikes needed. ;>)


  2. BSR

    Cool mod, but those pizzas need to be in an insulated bag. Unless the destination is a block away, those pies will be cold upon arrival — especially this time of year!

  3. Ghost Rider

    BSR, it seems like I’ve seen somewhere else a cool front-rack mod that accepted a standard insulated pizza delivery bag…I’m sure something could easily be cobbled together to keep those pies hot!

    I’m with Aaron, though — I could carry the fixins for 50 pizzas in the Xtra’s bags and make them myself!

  4. climbinskier

    You could definitely use this mod for hauling other things as well. I like it.

    I need to get an xtracycle. Every post like this makes me want one even more.

    Keep ’em coming!

  5. xtracycle

    DOH! waiting is such sweet typoing… 😀

    see our Month of Love specials yet?

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