They Sure Take Those Helmet Laws Seriously…

Our friends Nick and Lynn Tucker of New Zealand let us know about a frightening news article of an incident that happened in Nelson a few days ago:

Shaun Taylor, 21, said he was riding along Rocks Rd on Tuesday afternoon when a police officer told him to get off and push the bike because he was not wearing a helmet.

Mr Taylor, a chef, said that when the officer left, he got back on his bike, but near the Tahunanui shops the officer drove up beside him again and said he was going to place him under arrest for failing to stop.

Mr Taylor said an argument started and the officer sprayed him with pepper spray, which got into his eyes and on his face, causing “excruciating” pain.

His instinct was to run, eventually getting away from the officer and back to his bike and, after briefly back-tracking towards Nelson, he continued cycling towards Tahunanui, he said.

By the Tahunanui traffic lights, the officer, who was heading in the opposite direction, saw him and did a “burnout in rush-hour traffic” as he crossed the lanes, ramming him and his bike into a bank, Mr Taylor said.

Obviously, there’s more to the story (click here to read the rest), but man oh MAN do police in New Zealand take those helmet laws seriously or what?

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