Elizabeth Joins the Family

Please give a warm welcome to our newest staff member, Elizabeth Adamczyk! You may remember her from when we profiled her in 2007.


Elizabeth will be “filling some gaps” here on — as a resident of Chicago and a year-round commuter, she knows a thing or two about winter commuting (something the rest of us can only guess at). Also, she will be covering women’s commuting issues, something else that is woefully under-represented here and elsewhere on the Web. Elizabeth will also be doing product reviews, event coverages and whatever the heck else she feels like!

We’re very excited to have her in our happy extended family, and we look forward to lots of good information coming our way from her. Put your hands together and say “howdy” to her!


  1. Dottie

    This is great news! I look forward to reading about women’s commuting issues and hearing from Elizabeth, in particular. I can attest to her friendly and positive presence in Chicago’s bike lanes 🙂

  2. Iron Man

    Good deal! Finally someone on this crew that doesn’t live in a climate that is just this side of heaven! No offense guys, but sometimes it’s hard to read your posts when I’m seething with so much weather envy.

  3. RL

    Welcome to the team E. Looking forward to your shenanigans!

    Iron Man, great weather can also be boring. There are days I wake up and see the sun and I say…”dang, another sunny day.”

    But I guess that’s like having a skinny person say they need to lose some weight…its kinda annoying to hear.

    Seriously, I love it when it rains or when it gets cold. It’s a nice change from what we have here.

    Back to E, as I said, looking forward to what she can bring to the site!

  4. Ghost Rider

    I hear ya, Iron Man — it’s almost embarrassing to write about riding around in the hot sun while everyone else is navigating black ice and negative temperatures. Still, I ain’t tradin’ it for nothing!

    Elizabeth is going to be a great addition to our crew — and yes, she is SUPER friendly.

  5. Ghost Rider

    ”dang, another sunny day.”

    You will NEVER hear ME say this…there’s a reason I live in Florida, and it’s not because I love oldtimers, strip malls and suburban sprawl.

  6. BlackBear

    I WOULD join the chorus of folks celebrating the addition of a person who knows the bite of a real winter, but this Pittsburgher moved to the coast of NC years ago and I’ve gone as soft as the rest of them. I even recently referred to a bridge as a “hill.” Can you imagine!? 😉

  7. meligrosa

    awesome! ride on chicago <3
    welcome elizabeth !!! 🙂

  8. Matt / PBBT

    Ghost, you don’t like the strip malls? Where do you get your Asian soapy massages?

    Welcome aboard, Elizabeth.

    Anyone who rides a bike in Chicago in the winter has my respect. It ain’t easy. Chicago in the summer, however, I just might be envious.

    I did 10 miles in North Carolina at 20 degrees then followed it up with five miles at 11 degrees. I’m proud to say I did it. But, I doubt I’ll ever do it again.

    Just getting enough clothes on to stay warm without sweating a puddle was complicated. I guess if I did it more often, it would be easier. However, living in South Florida, I don’t even roll out for pleasure if it is below 60 degrees.


  9. dman

    Are those aero bars on a commuter?! I like this chick already!

  10. Heather

    Yay! Can’t wait to read your blogs Elizabeth!

  11. Michael

    Welcome Elizabeth! Looking forward to the Chicago viewpoint.

  12. kb

    “Da Bears”

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