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If riding a bike is a universal pastime, then having it stolen is a universal nuisance, and it is for this reason that we have created SOMEONESTOLEMYBIKE.COM; to give individuals a cathartic forum to share their own personal stories and express their distinct feelings and philosophies on the aggravating subject of bike theft. We’ll be updating the page weekly with new stories. There’s no gimmick or money-making intentions here, just the hope that people will enjoy the videos and find a place to vent.


Having a bike stolen is something a lot of us can relate to. Since I moved to Florida in 1992, I’ve had two bikes stolen…and my wife has also had two stolen. I can think of dozens of friends here and elsewhere who have experienced this psychological “kick in the junk”, too. It’s a bummer every time it happens. offers videos of bike theft victims talking about their losses…and who knows — perhaps getting the word out may even help recover a few of these stolen bikes? It definitely eases the pain when you can talk about your loss, in any case.

Check it out, and if you’ve got a story to share, the folks at would love to hear it (of course, we’d like to hear the stories, too).


  1. Mike Myers

    In the old west, horse theft was punishable by death. Just a thought…..

  2. El Yanqui

    Here in London our mayor wants to institute Sharia law for bike thieves.

  3. Elizabeth

    If you have a bike stolen, Chicagoans have started a Stolen Bike Registry site :

    And from what I understand it can be modified to be city-specific (e.g.

  4. Iron Man

    So glad my boss lets me park my steed in my office.

  5. wade G.

    I get to park mine in the office too and hang my sweaty stuff up to dry. They are thinking of putting in a bike rack where the security guard can see it. Sometimes we have deliveries and visitors on bikes. Plus it’s an old school building and it would look kind of nostalgic.

  6. Carolyn

    Oh, I am SO glad too, that I am allowed to store my bike inside at work. I’d feel so uncomfortable leaving it out all day, especially since I just invested in a new one.

  7. Ghost Rider

    Someone tried to steal my bike the first week I worked at my current job…and I raised a stink and my supervisor found me secure indoor parking after that. One less thing to worry about during a workday, right?

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