Torker Cargo T

A few days ago, I posted a teaser shot of a new bike just received to be reviewed. As promised, here it is!

the Torker Cargo T

torker cargo t

Maintenance-free internal Shimano 3-speed hub with twist-shifter, Heavy-duty front and rear cargo rack, heavy duty steel frame and fork โ€” 1 size fits most, Front roller brakes improve stopping power, Sturdy DM 350 alloy rims with rust resistant SS spokes, Front and rear Fenders, Full-wrap chainguard, Cush springer saddle, Dutch โ€œTringโ€? bell.

I mentioned in the teaser that this bike came with something that most commuter bikes don’t. Well, there’s actually a few things.

Front rack

Full wrap chain guard

Steerer lock

It also comes with a heavy duty rear rack. I know some commuter bikes come with them, but these racks are by far the burliest I’ve seen come stock on a bike.

Dual kickstand

Since the Cargo T is made out of sweet steel, the ride was phenomenal. It was like driving a Caddy. What surprised me about this bike was the fact that it responded really well. I rode the bike to work this morning and on my lunch break, I rode it around to see how well it handles. Well, this thing is pretty nimble and quick to respond.
cargo torker t
Another interesting tidbit about this bike, other than it being a super smooth ride, was how comfortable I was while riding it. The geometry is very slack, and puts a rider in a more upright position. My commute was actually fun; I wasn’t trying to beat the clock, but I was out there just enjoying the ride. I couldn’t help it since this bike really is a joy to pedal around.

Stick around for a full review.

Price: $599.99 (verified by Torker)
Load capacity of racks: 20 lbs front, 40 pounds rear.