Commuter Incentives at Work

I received a press release and photos from the nice folks over at LOGOS Bible Software months ago…and those items have been languishing in the bottom of one of my email folders. I rediscovered them last night and realized I haven’t shared them with you, so here goes.

Bike Shop in the Office Means Sweet Rides for Software Company Employees

Bellingham, WA – October 15, 2008 – Equipment purchases at Logos Bible Software typically include laptops, servers, and networking gear. So company president Bob Pritchett was surprised to see an IT department purchase request that included everything necessary to set up a bicycle repair shop.

“It was a great idea. Many of our employees bike to work, and others go for rides during the day. Having a fully-equipped bike shop on site is a great way to encourage healthy habits that are good for the environment, too,” said Pritchett.

With more than 150 employees, Logos has a number of serious cyclists who work on their own bikes. Their willingness to help co-workers with everything from simple repairs to getting a long-unused bike back into shape is encouraging more employees to trade four wheels for two.

“Since installing the bike shop, I’ve been super motivated to ride to work,” said Jim Straatman, Logos’ IT manager. “Also, my bike is running exceptionally smooth now that I have a place to work on it.”

Bellingham is a cyclist’s paradise, surrounded by bike lanes, mountain trails, and cliff-side drives. Logos’ on-site lockers and showers made it easy for employees to add their commute to their list of regular rides. The new bike shop and a bike-friendly downtown location provide a great motivation for those who haven’t ridden since childhood to get rolling again.

Logos Bible Software’s bike shop consists of an 8-foot workbench, a bike stand, and a peg board full of tools. The total investment was around $1,500, and occupies less than 100 square feet.

“In the space of a single office, and for less than it would cost to cater lunch for the company, we’ve been able to make a healthy investment that our employees really appreciate,” said Pritchett. “By making it easier to fix little things like a flat tire or squealing brakes, we’re getting more of us up from our desks and out of our cars.”

About the Company

Logos Bible Software, a privately held corporation located in Bellingham, Wash., is the leading publisher of high-end, award-winning, multilingual Bible software. The company serves church, academic and lay markets, striving to bring the best in software innovation to Christians worldwide. Logos can be found on the web at:

Here, Jim Straatman works on his commuter rig:
(photo courtesy of Ryan Burns of LOGOS)

And a shot of the workshop in all its glory:
(photo courtesy of Ryan Burns of LOGOS)

And, for more information, visit the LOGOS company blog for a short video in which Jim Straatman talks about his job duties, the idea behind the bike shop and a walking tour of the shop. The guy even catches some MAJOR air in an outdoor clip!

How cool is that? It’s great to see a company that is so concerned with the health and well-being of its employees (as well as the environment). Such incentives really work to encourage folks to leave the car keys at home and travel by bicycle.

Anyone out there have stories of their employers offering bike-to-work incentives? If so, we’d love to hear ’em!


  1. Iron Man

    WOW! I thought I had it good cause my boss lets me take my bike into my office/cubicle. We were also in the planning stages of an office move and remodel (which the economy has sidelined for now) and the boss was telling the architect to work in an area for my bike to be stored. But this is amazing.

    Hey BOSS!!!

  2. Stuart M.

    I always wondered why some enterprising young person didn’t just “set up shop” next to a busy bicycle rack somewhere and offer to watch/wash/ pump air/do some adjustments or repairs to the bicycles while the owners were away. I bet the tips would pile up by the end of the day. Is this a green job idea or what?

  3. Anne-Marie

    Kudos to Logos Bible Software. This is a wonderful way to support their employees while also supporting responsible commuting.

  4. wade G.

    I’m in IT when can I start!

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  6. meghan

    My company is considering installing showers to become more bike commuter friendly. Anyone know how many logo installed?
    More importantly, does your company have showers? Do you ever stand in line in the morning to use them?

  7. Charle


    My employer (Dell) has showers, and lots of people use them — but they’re part of the (fairly large) company gym, and they have enough that while they’re pretty high-traffic at peak hours (early mornings or when people are using the gym on their lunch break), I’ve never had to wait. The Dell facilities are great — they even have dispensers for body soap, shampoo and conditioner.

    At past, smaller companies with showers I also haven’t had to wait in line except on very rare occasion, even in the smallest of them with just one stall per gender — mostly because those shops had fewer cycle commuters so there simply wasn’t much competition. (Also, my schedule was pretty much always shifted off a bit from the usual 9-5).

    Anyhow — this setup sounds fantastic; I’m tempted to forward this link to the Powers That Be and see if we can get something similar!

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