Torker Cargo T: How tough is it?

Pretty darn tough if you ask me. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on the Cargo T, that this beast was going to be one bad mama jamma. With that in mind, I wanted to see how well a commuter cargo bike would handle off road trails. I headed out to the Fullerton Loop, a mild mountain bike trail that I frequent, and decided to see how well the Cargo T would handle coming down a rutty trail.

The purpose of this test was to see how well the brakes work. There was concern that the front roller brake was anemic and that a coaster brake wasn’t strong enough to stop a bike full of cargo. Well here’s a few pics of me coming down a steep grade. Keep in mind I weigh around 205lbs…

Coaster and roller brakes worked just fine.

I was surprise on how well the tires gripped…

I also added a little accessory…I just have to clean up the wires a bit.

I’m still undecided on what to do with the front rack. I can either install a wicker basket, a metal basket or a milk crate. For the rear rack, I am sticking to my panniers.

I understand that most of you that would use the Cargo T probably won’t use the bike for mountain biking, but at least you know that the bike can handle rough terrain.


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  2. 2whls3spds

    Glad to hear the brakes are measuring up. You need to search around for a different generator…that one was designed for the other side of the bike (yes they make them for right and left side mounting) I believe this one might be a bit better.

    Just out of curiosity what is the number on the front hub and could you provide a close up picture of it? I am still puzzled why what is apparently the same brake on the R530 was so anemic. I weigh in ~215# and I felt it was worse than the old rim brakes on my Raleigh Superbe!


  3. Ghost Rider

    Yeah, that generator sure doesn’t look right…you’ll probably burn it out very quickly the way it’s currently set up.

    I’m surprised (and a little relieved) to hear about the front roller brake performance. Like Aaron, I was heartily underimpressed with the same brake on another bike.

  4. RL Policar (Post author)

    The generator should be set up properly. The release lever on it is on the left side, besides that’s how it was set up on my other bike.

    The roller brake is the same one that was on the R530, BR IM 41F.

  5. Yangmusa

    The generator is definitely wrong. It looks like you’ve put a right-sided generator on the left – hence why the angle is incorrect. You need the generator roller shaft to line up with the radius of the wheel, otherwise you’ll get a lot of drag and tire-wear, and very little light.

  6. RL

    I’ll check it out tonight when I get home.

    Thanks guys.


  7. 2whl3spds

    I know the brake is the same just wondering about the hub. IIRC the Redline R530 had something written on the hub about a brake modulator. Perhaps Jack still has his and can take a look at it? I won’t see mine again before Saturday πŸ™


  8. Dottie

    Ha, that is odd and awesome!

  9. Elizabeth

    Very nice! Good to see it can handle the tough terrain. That means it should stand up to Chicago’s pot holes, too!

  10. Rantwick

    I don’t understand how an unloaded cargo bike ridden on a rutted trail and likely at fairly low speeds tests anything at all, especially a brake system.

    Also, just about any bike could handle a mild mountain bike trail… example first “mountain” bikes.

    Crabby, I know, but I guess I just don’t see the point.

  11. rapps

    Front Rack: install all three only when you need them, remove when you don’t. Use bungee cords to attach. Our dog rides in the milk crate πŸ™‚ Do have to say I don’t own a wicker basket, I do have a metal one which gets used and last I bungee strap things down onto the rack as well. Same bike has rear bucket panniers for shopping, remove it all and it’s a “normal” bike again.

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