Hello from Sea Otter

We are at the 2009 Sea Otter Classic and although this event is focused towards mountain biking and road riding, we still were able to find some stuff that may interest bike commuters. Here’s some new stuff from Swobo:

This sweet bike has a 8 speed Alfine drivetrain. I test rode it and the shifting is super smooth.

‘cross bike that accepts disc or canti brakes. The fork is made out of carbon and the rear accepts a derailleur hanger so you can add gears to it.

We’ll keep searching for more stuff and we will post more later.


  1. Ghost Rider

    I dig on those handlebars on the Alfine-equipped bike. Sweet!

  2. Russ Roca

    Yeah…that alfine swobo is sweet!

  3. Stuart M.

    I read a criticism of the Alfine 8-speed internal hub. It is shifted by pressing (pulling? I don’t remember) a lever much like an old derailleur shifter. This means that if you are in the highest gear and come to a stop, you have to flick the shifter many times to get into a lower gear. That kind of defeats one of the advantages of an internal hub gear: you can shift directly from say gear 8 to another like gear 2 with just one action. People who want that direct shifting will have to go with Shimano’s regular Nexus 8 speed. Maybe the Alfine is meant to appeal to sporty types who wouldn’t consider giving up their derailleurs, unless the internal hub has a cool name like Alfine!

  4. Ghost Rider

    Stuart, that’s hardly a criticism of the hub…for the Nexus, you have to roll the twist-shifter from stop to stop or press the gear changer button several times to go from high to low range, and the same applies with the Alfine trigger. I’m not sure if the Alfine shifter assembly is set up to dump more than one gear per shift with a long press, but no matter what — in practice this is no big deal whatsoever.

    The only real advantage Alfine brings to the table is a more robust construction and the ability to mount a disc for disc braking on the hub body — opening up the IGH to other cycling disciplines like MTBs and other bikes with disc braking.

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