An Interesting Bike Storage Idea

Our friends over at Palm Beach Bike Tours posted a review of a very interesting bike storage idea…a device called a “Cycle Tree”:

cycle tree

Check out their full review and additional photos of the Cycle Tree by clicking here.

For those of us who are bike hoarders, this looks to be a great way to free up floor space in your storage area!


  1. Vincent

    Love the idea for storing bikes, and have seen similar ones across bike shops and private homes of late, not least those up Broadway Market and down Brick Lane in East London.

    The need for some other kind of storage arised when you use the quirky and iconic Brompton folding bike, liek we do on the Spoke n Motion London Bike Tours.

  2. rapps

    I am wondering if the weight of the bike while hanging will damage the wheel [it’s hanging from]?
    Logically I think not, but it does make me wonder.

  3. Ghost Rider


    the bike’s wheels support the full weight of the rider and bike, plus additional shocks from road imperfections as you ride around — hanging said bike by the wheel puts only a fraction of that load on it. It’s not a problem whatsoever.

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