Bike Trade-In Bonus

Forwarded to me by reader Tom Hewitt, this is an article from the online edition of the German magazine Der Spiegel — the premise behind the program is to boost local bicycle sales and get more people out of cars:

Germany’s scrapping bonus for old cars has proved so popular that the city of Mannheim is offering it for old bicycles. Campaigners hope the move will encourage people to ditch their cars and hop on bikes to help save the environment.

Inspired by the controversial “scrapping bonus” for old cars that the German government launched in January, up to 200 Mannheim residents can collect a bounty on their old bikes starting May 2.

The program is a joint initiative between the city government and nonprofit organization Biotopia, which offers job training for the unemployed and for disadvantaged youth.

The old bikes, which have to be in more or less rideable condition, will be collected at Biotopia’s workshop at the Mannheim main train station and refurbished. The money for the premium comes out of the Mannheim municipal budget.

To read the rest of the article, please visit Spiegel Online.


  1. Paul

    Here in Austin, TX there are too many bicyclists that would scrap or trade in a perfect condition NEW bike for something abused, bashed, beat up as long as it is “old school”. Just look at what people are wanting ($$$) for their overused bikes on Craigslist! New bikes at local bike stores here sell for less!

  2. Jane Legion

    Radlbauer (, which is the German equivalent of Performance Bike, has been taking trade-ins of old bikes toward the purchase of a new bike for a while now. They then fix them up and sell them of course.

  3. Ghost Rider

    It’s cool to see the city government taking steps to both stimulate the local economy and get refurbished bikes into the hands of needy folks — the article implies (but does not spell out) that these bikes go to clients of Biotopia.

    Lots of bike shops in the U.S. do “trade ins”, but this is quite different. I wish them success!

    @Paul — ha ha! Some of the Craigslist “finds” here in Tampa are an overpriced joke, too.

  4. Jody

    In B.C. you can now trade in your pre 1995 car for up to $1200 off a bike. You can also get a credit towards cars that are significantly more carbon efficient than your old one.

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