The indignity of commuting continues…

Just received in my email a photo from an anonymous source (to be known as “Deep Vs”), a photo of myself getting the ticket! The wonders of the internets never cease to impress. After applying some CSI magic, it is pretty clear that the bike I was riding 1) had fenders 2) had a transverse bag and red Ortlieb on the right. I’m not sure of how many brakeless riders ride with fenders or like to put English bike luggage on their bikes in Long Beach, my guess would be none.

To read the rest, go here.


  1. RL Policar

    Wow that’s cool you had an eye witness…by the way, I LOVE your bike!

  2. Champs

    I believe those are “wheel eyebrows.”

  3. Ghost Rider

    You mean they’re not “filth prophylactics”?

    How on earth did someone get a picture of you getting a ticket? “Deep Vs”, indeed.

  4. Dominic Dougherty

    Ghost…just a random coincidence…there’s a bike shop about a block away…so theres lots of cyclists like me breaking the law every day there…one of them just happened to have a camera and was able to get it to me…

  5. Paul

    In Austin, it would be a sight worth a picture just to see a cop give a DRIVER a ticket… That cop was really just jealous of your bike!

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  7. The Punisher

    Wow lots of Bike Snob wordage!

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