It’s Bike To Work Week (in some places)

BTWW is happening here in Orange County, Ca. I’ve already convinced a few of my coworkers to ride into work this week.

I’m looking forward to it because once my colleagues try it, I know they’ll fall in love with bike commuting.

What about you, do you have plans to ride this week (that’s if you don’t already ride 5 times a week or more)?


  1. Jerrod

    I too am in OC and will be commuting this week just as every other week (HB to Santa Ana). The capper will be heading to Angel Stadium on Thursday for a day game. That will be something that I haven’t done yet via bike.

  2. Ghost Rider

    For the fifth year in a row, I’m not scheduled to work on Bike to Work Day. One of these years I’ll actually get to do it “for real”!!!

  3. Christina

    It’s Bike MONTH where I live:

    Next week is our Bike to School and Work week, with free breakfasts everyday for riders as well as every Friday in May. Whee!!

  4. Doohickie

    The week started out wet for me. The roads were dry but I rode through a heavy mist. If I’m lucky it won’t be any worse for the ride home but the weather report doesn’t look good.

  5. Michael

    I’ll be riding tomorrow but here in Houston the morning temp is 79 F with an 85% humidity. That makes it really difficult to appear fresh when you arrive. Since we don’t have showers I’ll definetly be packin an extra set of clothes.

  6. Brian

    It’s Bike Commute Week here in the Pioneer Valley (Western Massachusetts). I already try to ride to work every day when it’s above 40 F and not raining; this week I’ll try to brave the rain with my cap and rain cape….

  7. Kevin Saunders - KGS Bikes

    I am committed to ride to work and other places this month!

  8. Iron Man

    I’m in! Although I had to drive last Friday. Good thing too as a Tornado cell moved in during the commute and I had to spend two hours in the belly of our office building riding it out. Still though, I wished I had my bike later as the day was awesome going home.

  9. Franklin

    I will be commuting this week and continuing on when possible. Was going to today, but somehow forgot to set my alarm, and couldn’t afford to be late to work 🙁

  10. Crazy Commuting Cyclist

    Even though I am on the unemployment vacation I am still participating in the Bike to Work Week this week.

  11. Larissa Powers

    I’ve been bike commuting 12 miles each way throughout the year on and off– kind of weather/daylight dependent.

    St. Louis, MO isn’t really doing much in the way of Bike Week events, so it’s a bit of a disappointment. Nonetheless, I rode to work with a sign on the front of my bike and a cape on my bike indicating it’s bike to work week! So much fun.

  12. JOn L

    I’ve been riding to work every day since March 1st! So bike to work week is really bike to work month for me. I did it last May and just started March 1st this year, with everyday riding. It’s been fun and good luck to all who bike to work.

    Stay safe.

  13. JOn L

    Brian I am in Massachusetts also, there was really only two days this year I contemplated why I was out in the rain riding but one day I did 38 miles in the 40 degree rain and it SUCKED. Only time I wanted to be in the car this year.

    However the right gear can get you there.

    Stay safe have fun

  14. Fagelnut

    There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothes. Like Jon, I have ridden in Boston everyday this year but a handful. Those days that I was in a car I had my folding SwissBike TX in the trunk. Does that still count?

  15. no1mad

    Tulsa’s planned event are scheduled for Friday. Too bad the LAB couldn’t have sat on the announcement of the town being “Bike Friendly” until then lol! But I think the mayor just wanted the P.R. and would not wait. Ironic how the city just made 9th on the ‘worst roads’ list.

  16. 23rdWorld

    I got giant blisters on a hike last week which kept me out of all shoes with backs on them…getting back on the bike next week. Good thing, my co-workers get really competitive about Bike to Work Month and my team captain has been hounding me!

    My firm’s blog entry on bike-to-work week:

  17. TwoWheel Commuter

    Despite National Bike to Work Week, it will probably take generations of change for U.S. cities to accept bicycling. Visit Newport Beach in Southern California to watch motorcycle police chasing bicycles. California has Statute AB-1581 of traffic signal detection for bicyclists. But Newport Beach traffic signals do not detect bicyclists unless you get off and lay the bicycle across the embedded wires. The Newport Beach Police Department (NBPD) fabricates vehicle citations from bicyclists. The NBPD is located two blocks from a left-turn signal into a California state preserve used by hundreds of bicyclists each week. Newport Beach Principal Civil Engineer Tony Brine and Traffic Engineer George Bernard replied to my email that the left-turn signal had been set back to not detect bicyclists. For over a decade, the signal had motion sensors that detected bicycles making the left turn. The NBPD now exploits the non-detecting signal to generate vehicle citation revenue from bicycles. Weekends and Christmas holidays are targeted when there is no car traffic and regular bicyclists into the shared-used preserve are unlikely to stop for a left-turn signal that will not change anyway. Bicyclists are asked for a car license plate number and held until confirmed. The clerk at the Newport Beach municipal court told me that they get several pseudo-vehicle citations each day. In a telephone call with Sergeant Mike James, he supported police motorcycles chasing bicycles. During another call with Lieutenant Steve Shulman, he laughed. The NBPD Lieutenant sent me a letter that bicyclists should first test left-turn signals and then dismount to go across the traffic lanes to the pedestrian button. I was trying the Lieutenant’s method one day during my bicycle commute to the main post office, and a Newport Beach Fire Department paramedics van without sirens or flashing lights turned in front of me. Newport Beach city and safety employees are laughing at bicycle commuters. Mayor Ed Selich of Newport Beach is not interested in bicycles. And the original author of California Statute AB-1581, Assembly Representative Jean Fuller, did not reply to my message posted at her Website about the lack of oversight for enforcing bicycle signal detection with cities.

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