Seattle Bike Supply-Bike To Work Day

Our good friends at SBS sent me a report on last week’s Bike To Work Day.

Bike to work day—here in Kent, WA. All good, finally a great day after the downpour on Thursday. 196 riders at the Renton Station from 6am to 8:30am in downtown Renton-7th and Hardie, as part of Cascade Cycling clubs official Bike to Work Day- Tim Rutledge

Here’s a pic of the SBS staff celebrating Bike To Work Day-32 employees total!


  1. Ghost Rider

    Where’s Val and the Dreadnaught?

  2. Val

    I was too late for the photo op, on account of being here: It was ragingly busy, and I worked on around ten differrent bikes, most of which were barely rideable when they came in. A good day.

  3. Clancy

    Val, Did Dreadnought get a makeover? Yellow w/creme tires.

  4. Val

    Clancy: Ha! The bike with the blender is one that Aaron ( ) is calling “Dreadnought II”. He liked mine so much, he copied it – and very well, too. The Freeradical has been reinforced for heavy use, and the basket is pretty much identical. If you look in some of the other pictures, you will see mine being used as the right half of the table support, under the table with magazines and bananas.

  5. Clancy

    Do you have pics of the reinforcement. Mine tongue cracked last summer and my guess is the it will eventually happen on the new freerad. It may be better to reinforce it instead of warranty.

  6. Val

    Unfortunately, my copies of those pictures got deleted in a computer crash. If you wade through the comments on this post: you will see several links to other folks’ pictures, as well as some discussion of the overall effectiveness of the reinforcements. I was particularly happy to be able to see some of my work in the most recent video on the Riding the Spine site.

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