Bike Riding with my ladies

One of my family’s favorite activities to do together is riding our bikes. My girls love an afternoon roll to a local park.
Torker Cargo T
One of my daughters (in the white) absolutely loves the Torker Cargo T. Before we started, she asked if she could ride the beast of burden. Of course I let her besides, I wanted to get pictures of the bike in motion.

I know that my other daughter is on the sidewalk…she was being rebellious that day and believe me when I say that she was grounded for riding on it.
torker cargo t

Breanna is only 11 years old and thanks to my love for bikes, has grown an appreciation for quality bicycles. Every time the Torker Cargo T is out of the garage, Breanna is ALWAYS asking me if she could ride it.


  1. Clancy

    My 6 year old rides on the street with me but everyonce in a while zooms onto the side walk. He like to jump where the roots have lifted it up.

  2. Stuart M.

    You have a very beautiful family that loves to go biking. You are lucky indeed!

  3. Dottie

    Beautiful pictures!!

  4. meligrosa

    so cool!!! sweet photos
    Women on bikes rock the world <3

  5. upsun

    could you tell me what the frame size is on this? i’m worried that it might be too big for me but if your daughter fits on it maybe its not. i’m 5’2″ with a 29″ inseam. thanks.

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