Meet Our New Friends: We Are All Mechanics

Thanks to the wonderful connective powers of the Web, we’ve got some new friends here at Meet India Viola and Ali Dwyer, founders of the Madison, Wisconsin-based We Are All Mechanics.

A little about them:

We Are All Mechanics (WAAM) began in 2003 as the joint vision of Ali Dwyer and India Viola. We set out to share our love of bicycles and technical knowledge with other women in our community.

Our series consists of four 90-minute class sessions and covers basic routine maintenance. Topics range from how to fix a flat tire, to brake and derailleur adjustments, chain cleaning, and bearing adjustments. The classes take place within the repair area of a bicycle shop, and provide an insiders look at the mechanics’ work area. Our classes are kept small, with a low student-to-teacher ratio and emphasize a hands-on approach to learning. Students get a chance to ask questions about their bicycles in a relaxed and fun learning environment.

After completing our classes, students report feeling greater independence when riding their bicycles as well as a sense of empowerment when approaching bicycle repairs at home or in the shop.

Through our ongoing class series, clinics, and rides, WAAM promotes continued learning among cyclists in the Madison community.

we are all mechanics

We’ll be doing commuter profiles on India and Ali in the next few weeks…but in the meantime, check out their great site…another fantastic example of cyclists giving back to their community and serving an under-represented segment of the cycling family.

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  1. Rantwick

    That is simply great. I’m off to check out their site. Knowing how to work on your bike makes everything so much easier, and helps you diagnose those odd noises yourself!

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