Chicago’s Bike to Work Week challenges commuters

Are you ready for this year’s bike commuter challenge? National Bike to Work Day may have been on May 15, but Chicagoans get competitive about bike commuting in mid-June, after getting primed with May’s Bike the Drive.

The Active Transportation Alliance (formerly the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation) “challenges” companies and workers to bike to work at least once during Chicago’s June Bike to Work Week (June 13-19).

In fact, they sum up the challenge by asking “Does your company have what it takes?”

If your company accepts the challenge, then ATA’s Bike Commuter Challenge offers companies the chance to compete with other businesses to see which can get the most employees to bike to work during Bike to Work Week, June 13-19. As of this posting, 320 teams had registered.

For those seasoned bike commuters and the newbies alike, ATA has a helpful list of resources to help any team get ready for the challenge of bike commuting.

In this era of being eco-conscious, this year’s bike to work week is getting recognition not only from athletic sites and blogs, but also from environmental blogs, including Chicago’s edition of A Fresh Squeeze.


  1. James P

    I don’t live in the city (I’m out in the Northwest ‘burbs), but I just recently started riding to work. I’ve been able to get my wife and 3 year old daughter to ride with me to work / daycare (my wife works at the daycare with my daughter). So far it’s been lots of fun.

    I’ve also noticed lots of other people in my area riding this year. As gas prices go up higher over the summer I expect to see even more.

  2. Rob

    1 for 1 this week. Woo!

    That said, this would be a really, really good week to post tips about riding in the rain, because as long as there isn’t thunder, I’m intending to try to go 5 for 5 x 9.7 miles…

  3. Ghost Rider

    Rob, here’s one article we wrote about riding in the rain:

    It’s more of a clothing-choice article rather than tactics and tips, but may be a good start.

  4. Dottie

    Love the chalk writing! I didn’t see much of an increase in cyclists yesterday, but maybe they’re easing into the week or riding more on the streets than the path.

  5. aysen

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