Review: Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses

Anyone who puts a lot of miles on their bike will benefit from eyewear. Not only can sun damage your eyes, but vehicles throw rocks, many locations have swarms of bugs we inevitably ride through, and wind can dry our eyes. Even in low-light, some cyclists wear clear-lens protective eyewear.

The climate in Kansas City this past week has been bizarre. We had a 115°F heat index afternoon, a few thunderstorms, and morning lows into the 50s. The morning sun has been up early enough that I end up riding straight into it on my way to work. With lots of saddle time and a wide variety of climates to contend with, it was officially the perfect week to put some new shades to the test. Enter: Ryders Eyewear.

Ryders provided Bike Commuters a pair of their Vigor sunglasses to review. At the $45 price-point, it’s one of their middle-of-the-line models.

Many of Ryders’ models feature temples and nose-pieces with adjustable memory-wire inside. With some tinkering, you can get a very comfortable custom fit. Also, thanks to the water-resistant rubber coating on the contact points, they stick to your face and stay where you put them once you adjust them no matter how much you sweat. These are by far the most secure-feeling shades I’ve worn that cost under $100.

One feature I really came to appreciate on the two sweltering evenings we had last week: the vented lenses. While not a completely unique feature, I really like it when the glasses provide exceptional peripheral vision coverage without suffocating my eyeballs.

Like the true commuter nerd, I rock the mirror for my 29-mile round trip commute. Usually, I have the mirror mounted to the tab you see hanging from my helmet, but my Take-A-Look mirror is also designed to mount to glasses. I actually like this mounting position better, and now that both my morning and evening commute call for sunglasses, I’m going to keep it this way.

These came with a protective pouch that can be used to wipe the lenses off as well as keeping them safe and scratch-free in your bags while you’re on the job. I’m not certain if the pouch comes standard with all models.

I’m not terribly picky about my eyewear — I’ve worn cheap $7 Wal-Mart shades and some that were considerably pricier than these as well. All in all, I’m pretty impressed with what Ryders offers. They also have models with interchangeable lenses, and at least one model that is prescription lens compatible.


  1. Elizabeth

    The interchangeable lenses definitely start coming in handy as the daylight hours fade away. The vented lenses does sound like a nice touch! I just recently lost my shades and am hunting for a new pair that fits in the budget….

  2. Guy

    Nice shades. However, I like to wear some of the “lower” priced designer replicas. I’ve worn expensive glasses in the past and lost them. The replacement worked just as well and I don’t care if they get lost.

  3. Ghost Rider

    This might be a silly question, but do the lens vents let a “cooling breeze” in around your eyes? Noticeably, that is?

    I’ve never had fogging issues with various tight-fitting sunglasses, but my eye sockets DO get hot and sweaty. I wonder if these vents would help with that?

  4. Noah (Post author)

    I don’t know that I’d call it a cooling breeze, but the vents noticeably kept my eyes from getting the “sauna” feeling they usually get when I have shades on in triple-digit temperatures. I’d often find myself wearing sunglasses down on my nose a bit to let my eyes breathe. I haven’t had to resort to that with these sunglasses.

  5. BUCK

    I have also tried knock offs. The price is hard to beat. The I got a pair of Ryders at a bike race. The cheap glasses used to give me headaches and I noticed some distortion. When I put on the ryders i noticed how much better I could see.

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