Review: Pedro’s “Trixie” Multi-Tool

Several months ago, Pedro’s sent me a sample of their Trixie multi-tool to test. I’ve used it pretty extensively during the time that I’ve had it.


The Trixie is laser-cut from hardened tool steel, and it has a black military-style oxide coating to prevent rust. The tool weighs about three ounces and, at 18.5 cm (about seven inches) long, is compact enough to fit in all but the smallest saddle bags.

Pedro’s packed a lot of features into this simple steel tool. It’s got a 15mm axle nut wrench, a lockring spanner, a 5mm hex key fitting and three bolthead cutouts for 8, 9 and 10mm bolts. Oh, and a bottle opener. For folks who ride fixed-gears or other singlespeeds, this may be all you need for emergency roadside repairs, gearing changes and general tinkering (but don’t forget some tire levers just in case!). Perfect for popping the tops off post-ride beers, too.

axle nut end

The axle nut end works perfectly for both nutted-axle bikes in our fleet here…plenty of leverage to get them nice and snug, too. Be sure to turn the tool so the curved backside of the lockring spanner fits your palm and crank away! The spanner is tailor-made to fit a Dura Ace cog lockring…and if you’re familiar with the “rotafixa” method of cog removal, you won’t even need a chainwhip.

The cutouts for 8, 9 and 10mm boltheads are of less utility…frankly, there just aren’t a lot of bolts this size on a modern bike. For those of you with MKS chaintugs (or others) on your fixed-gear, though, the 10mm cutout makes adjusting them a snap. Folks with older bikes might find these cutouts more useful…they fit the cable-fixing bolts on a lot of vintage derailleurs and sidepull brake sets.


I’d like to see a few more millimeters of length in the 5mm hex key fitting. I had a bit of difficulty getting tool-to-frame clearance when using this feature in some applications, but that may be a non-issue for many others.

Overall, this is a great tool to have on hand — one device that takes care of a lot of bike-related chores. Simplifying the roadside repair kit is always a good thing, and less tools means less to lose or rattle around in your bag. And, for around $24.00, it’s a pretty good deal for a well-made and sturdy tool.

Pedro’s has a pretty extensive line of other bike repair tools…check ’em out by clicking here.


  1. tadster

    Thanks for reviewing this tool. I have seen it around, but I was never really sure what I could do with it.
    I must say, I’m not sure how you would be able to use the 10mm cutout with chaintugs and the wheel in place.

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